Wednesday, August 17, 2011

72-51: The Thrill Drill Continues

It's as if it's a drill....a routine....a practise of the fine arts.  The walk-off win was once again used last night and once again, Mark Kotsay was the one who delivered.  Much of the game was a snore-ific.  Trust me, I love pitchers the duel it out and the defense shines--just not in back to back games.  Yovanni Gallardo brought his A-Game but didn't factor in to the decision.  And again, a Milwaukee starting pitcher went deep in to the game.  Yo went 8 complete and gave up only 4 hits, 1 walk, stuck out 9 and allowed 1 earned.  His ERA is now at a respected 3.55 on the season.   Saito (4-1) notched the win and his ERA dropped to 2.20 on year.

Corey Hart & Kotsay each contributed by driving in 2 of the 3 total runs of the game. 

Cardinals Watch..... The Pittsburgh Pirates deflated the St Louis Cardinals hopes even more with their walk-off homerun that put the Pirates in front 2-0 in the series.  Keep in mind, both the Cards and Crew face a sub .500 schedule the remainder of the season.  Granted, the Cards & Crew still face each other 6 more games. 

I vaguely remember when I was a kid and the Brewers won the AL East pennant and then later went on to the win ALCS and loss to the Cardinals in game 7 of the World Series.  I do remember asking my dad questions, nothing in particular, probably all annoying questions--but he took the time to fill me in with the rules and the reasoning behind his loud clapping (a Robin Yount diving catch on one occassion).  Likewise with 2 of my 3 boys (the youngest is...well...too young).  But my oldest, Landon, and I have been bonding over the Brewers.  I was listening to the radio this morning (am1250 Milwaukee FSRadio) and they were talking about this topic.  Over the past week, my oldest boy will "sneak" downstairs and crawl on my lap to watch the Brewers play.  I would ask him what he was doing, and he would say, "Dad, I just want to watch the Brewers".  When I get home from work at 5:25pm my awesome wife has dinner waiting with the boys already sitting at the table. We eat and then I clear the table and then I take 3 of the boys (or sometimes 2 of them) and go on a bike ride to the high school ball diamond and football field.  We play sports, and explain the games to them, and we run around.  I try to relate the Brewers to them in what they do while playing.  I think it's important to show state pride in your teams and support them, even though they make millions more than us common folk to.  At times, I know my boys get annoyed when I turn their tv channel to my station at 7:05pm (most nights).  But after they stop yelling--they watch.
It's nice to bond with my kids over the game of baseball.  And this Brewers season is far different than the rest.  Sure the Crew squeeked in to the playoffs in 2008, but it hasn't been like this 2011 season.  This has been a thrilling ride to date.  My son asked me last night when the baseball season is done.....and I told him when the leaves start to fall of the trees and it gets dark out just after dinner.

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