Wednesday, August 31, 2011

81-55: Milwaukee couldn't bunt last night

Errors & Can't Bunt

That pretty much sums up last nights game against the Cardinals.  Oh, and lack of run support too.  Shaun Marcum (11-5) tossed an excellent game and worked out of a bases-loaded jam in the 5th, thanks to Yuni & Prince committing back-to-back errors.  He gave up the only 2 runs in that inning which proved to be the deciding factor in the 2-1 loss last night.  Marcum gave up only 4 hits over 7 innings and he struck out 4. 

The middle of the order put of golden sombreros
Nyjer & Hart both doubled and Morgan drove in the only run.

Newly drafted hurler Jed Bradley will begin his career in the Arizona Fall League for Peoria.  This past summer he did play some ball for the Cape Cod League.  Both Bradley and Freddie Prinz Junior looked damn good.  Bradley was in the booth with BA & Rock last night.  Seemed like a good kid with a level head, albeit he does have a silly hair do. I found in interesting that he was not allowed in Miller Park by his agent when he came to town for a physical prior to the draft.  This is done, of course, to limit the visual splendor that is seeing the (possible) baseball park that you might play in once you sign the dotted line.

Carlos Gomez is going to come off the DL on Thursday, just in time for expanded rosters. 

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