Thursday, September 1, 2011

81-56: Cardinals Destroy Brewers

It was ugly from the very start.  St Louis' Furcal blaseted a solo shot to get the 1st inning off to a start.  And then the ultimate douche bag, Albert Pujols blasted a solo shot.  I love it how he gets a free pass to stand there watching his home run leave the park and then his a-typical pointing to the sky when he arrives home.  What nimrod.  The embarassing shot for Randy Wolf was when his rival Jake Westbrook blasted a grand slam HR in the 4th inning, his first career dinger. 

Not much good came out of this game.  Casey McGehee continued to struggle at the plate by hanging a golden sombrero up.  His average has now dipped down to his normal 2011 range of the .230's.  He's still a .287 career hitter, so there's hope and he's certainly shown that this season.  But it's obvious that Taylor Green is nipping at his heels.  Speaking of, Green made his first appearence at the plate and he made it count.  Green spanked a liner to RF to collect his first hit, which was a single.  He's going to be a hell of a player. 

Brandon Dixon of the Cardinals will get his first start of his career today against Yovani Gallardo.  Don't expect big things by the Crew today, they butt against new pitchers, they butt bad.  Expect to see Taylor Green starting today because he faced Dixon with in the past week down in the Pacific League.

Milwaukee made their September call-up's announcement last night after the game.  Logan Schafer (CF) who's hitting .327 and ANOTHER catcher in Martin Maldonado (C) who's hitting .328 on the season down in the Pacific League.  Emabarrassingly enough, I never heard of Maldonado.  Which is a shame, because apparently he's ripping it up in Nashville.

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