Friday, September 23, 2011

Magic Number at 2 heading in to the weekend...

The time has come for the Milwaukee Brewers to seal the deal and to bring home a pennant.  With the Pirates coming to town and the Cardinals dropping last night's game 6-8 (against the Mets), the stars have finally aligned over Miller Park.  The Central Division could get wrapped up tonight with a little help from the Cubs, who play the Cards starting at 7:15pm tonight.  My guess is that Milwaukee will win tonight and they'll have to wait around for 10-15 minutes to celebrate, because I have a feeling the Cubbies are going to come through.  They hate the Cardinals more than they hate us; not that it matters.  It's not like they're saying, "Man...let's whoop ass on them Red Birds to help out our dogs that live an hour up the road from us.  Regardless, Chicago is 5-5 over the past 10 games and if they play tonight like they played Milwaukee this past series....there could be a party in Milwaukee tonight.  I am willing to guaranty that Chicago will win at least 1 game of this series.  So all Milwaukee has to do sweep this series.  By the way, Pittsburgh is 3-7 in the same time span.

Tonight, Milwaukee's true ACE of the team Yovani Gallardo (17-10) will take to the mound againts RHP Chris Volstad (5-12, 5.13).

The Brewers' Minor League coaching changes have been named and Don Money will no longer be the manager of the Sounds.  He has been named to the role of Special Instructor/Player Development.  In his place will be the Huntsville Stars old manager, Sandy Guerrero.  In Sandy's place will be Minor League Hitting Coordinator, Darnell Coles. 

Damn it, I wish I had ESPN Insider subscription, because THIS STORY was on to something.  Granted, if you don't have a membership you can only read a few paragraphs....but they hit it on the head.  Once Prince leaves in December-Feb this offseason, Milwaukee will then have some cash freed up to make an off-season move of their own.  Possibly a couple of moves.  Could they go out and reel in an even better 5th starter in their rotation?  Narveson has certainly delivered this season, I should say over-delivered (10-8, 4.40 era).  But pitching wins championships.  That's a long shot of course, but they will need a new set-up man and a 1B.  Better yet, they'll need a new SS and possibly even a 3B if Taylor Green isn't "the one". 

This of course leads to an even more pressing question....who's the answer at 3B this postseason?  Platoon the likes of McGehee & Green, possibly even Josh Wilson?  My feeling is that you stick with Casey and let give him the NLDS to prove himself.  If he hasn't had a spark in his offense by the end of the 2 game homestand (against the Braves, in this scenario), then you scratch him for Green/Wilson platoon.   My question, in hind sight, is why didn't Milwaukee just leave Mat Gamel at 3B?  They had to have known that he would not be the answer at 1B next season when Prince Fielder leaves for SF or whereever he'll go.  They should've kept Gamel where he is comfortable....if there is such a thing.  I just don't think he'll be a contibutor at the big league level, especially if he's not at 3B. 

It's time to put the women and children to bed and go looking for dinner.....Bring it home Milwaukee!

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