Thursday, September 15, 2011

87-63: Brewers turn Miller Park in to a flop house

What a piss poor game to watch.  I will tell you right now, between that game last night and the comments made by KRod and Prince Fielder over the past's starting to make me feel like this team is trying to shoot themselves in the foot. 

With the magic number at 8 games and the Cardinals now within 5.5 games of capturing the pennant, Milwaukee would rather play the "look at me" card and have two of their star players put the spot light on themselves.

KRod...well, we all know that he's a prick.  I'm not that pissed that he opened his yapper.  He's a closer that has been filling in as our set-up man and he's been doing an excellent job.  Who really cares if he's unhappy, he's gone after this season anyways.  If anything, he's hurting his own new contract cause because he's now opened his fat mouth with the last 3 clubs that he has played with.  One of which was in NYC where he beat the shit out of his pops-in-law.  Look, he's a stud of a closer, but who in their right mind is going to give him some shots when Axford has been doing the job?   Unhappy, who the hell cares.

Prince Fielder told TBS that he was done in Milwaukee.  A bit pre-mature to say don't you think Prince.  Look, I'm not an idiot, I'm not blind, you're on your way out.  But you're here now, so why say stupid things like that?  Aren't you trying to win a pennant?

Drew Olson from & wrote THIS about the situation.
Dan Patrick, while on his AM radio show, echoed Drew's words

I truly feel that Milwaukee will win the NL Central, but the way things have been going...they could make an early exit if they don't get home field advantage and start pulling their heads out of their asses.

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