Monday, September 19, 2011

90-63: Back to the basics for Milwaukee

It was Jonathon Lucroy who last week told AM 1250 that Milwaukee destined to have a break out series coming up.  Well....he was right.  Milwaukee swept the Reds out of Great American Ball Park and they are now on their way to Chicago, where they'll hopefully clinch the pennant.  Which sucks if you think about how small that club house is at Wrigley.  It's going to look like a bunch of grown men smashed in to a janitors closet. 

The Brew Crew took game one with a score of 6-3. 
The Brew Crew took game two with a score of 10-1.
The Brew Crew took game three with a score of 8-1.
Do the math at home now, and that gives you 24 runs by Milwaukee. 

Milwaukee can now breath a sigh of relief.  With their magic number down to 4 games and only 3 more series left to play, the Brewers will probably keep their rotation the way it is and shoot for the #2 spot in the playoffs (home field advantage). 

More speculation on where Prince will end up next season.  I'm seeing Albert Pujols staying put in St Louis and Prince going to Washington DC.  In return, Milwaukee will either land James Looney from the Dodgers or be a long shot at getting Lance Berkman to fill in at 1B.

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