Thursday, September 8, 2011

85-59: Fugly loss in St Louis

The Crew ended the season with a .500 record against the Cardinals (9-9).  It was a disappointed way to end the season series with them, getting shut out by Carpenter (complete game) and the clowns 2-0.  Seeing Nyjer act like a hot head and then both benches clearing in the 9th. Don't get me wrong, I love this rivalry and I wish they would've come to blows....back in August.  But this is September and there's only 18 games left to play with an 8.5 game lead over the Cardinals.  Don't give them reason to try any harder than they have to in order to catch up.  Tony LaRussa, Carp, and Pujols all handled it well and with well spoken words in their interviews.  All three of them said that Nyjer is a good player, but that sometimes his unorthodox way of celebrating or talking trash takes the focus away from him being a good player.  Pujols hit it on the head, why is Nyjer Morgan on 3 different ball clubs in 3.5 years?  That's easy to answer, because  he had no guidance and he was playing for Minor League teams (DC & Pittsburgh) in Major League Baseball.  Look, I hate the Red Birds more than the Cubs even....but Nyjer was out of line with his antics.  But that'll happen, that's the type of player he is.  He'll also be the first player out there defending his teammates.  He's the reason why Milwaukee is going to win the Central!

Casey McGehee started the festivities last night when he got ejected in the 4th inning on a questionable strike 3 call.  Morgan of course followed in the 9th with his own invite out.   

The Brewers have the Central all but wrapped up, yet they still have to play the Phillies in a 4 game series at home and then the remainder of the games are against teams under .500 on the season.  Milwaukee could go up a 1/2 game on the Cards if they win tonight, due to the Cardinals having the night off before they take on the Braves at home. 

Rickie Weeks will be back tonight!  He'll get eased back in and probably not start at 2B until next week, is my guess.

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