Tuesday, August 2, 2011

61-49: Greinke Blows Past the Red Birds

  Milwaukee extended their win streak to 7 and they are now 12 games above .500 on the season!
Zack Greinke (9-4, 4.41) delivered last night against the Cardinals.  Despite giving up a 2-run homer to Matt Holliday in the 1st inning, Greinke was cool-calm---and collected.  Honestly, Zack has on point most of the game despite the high temps and humidity on the playing field (not confirmed).  Their was so much humidity that Chris Carpernter's hat was drenched in sweat.  Everytime he lowered his head sweat would literally pour of his hat.  The heat got to Carpenter--or--the Brewers eventually did, because once the 5th inning hit the Brew Crew ignited to score 5 runs on 6 straight hits and then added another run in the 7th. 

Corey Hart, Nyjer Morgan, and Ryan Braun all collected 2 hits, with Morgan adding 3 RBI. 
Prince Fielder failed to collect a hit, but did walk twice. 

LaTroy Hawkins was called upon to go 2 complete innings, which he did. After getting of to a rocky start in the 7th inning, he setteled down; collecting 1 K and 2 walks on 1 hit.  Kam Loe sealed the deal in the 9th and didn't give up a hit. 

It was nice to see Tony LaRussa get out-managed by Ron Roenicke.  No longer is LaRussa the best manager in the NL Central...Roenicke has him beat THIS season.  The squeeze bunt by Zack Greinke which ended up with everyone staying safe and Zack reaching 1st safely was a gem.  Casey McGehee was alert and he decided to stay at 3B instead of running blindly to home plate.  It was the veteran Cardinal players that botched the play when catcher Molina hesitated with his throw thanks to Albert Pujols running in and pointing to 3B, when Molina had an easy play at 1B. 

Nyjer Morgan could be mentioned as team MVP when it comes to the end of the season.  I realize Prince Fielder is up for the league MVP, but when it comes to making a huge impact within the team--from someone unexpected, Nyjer has to be considered.  He's .324 on the season and has an .817 OPS.  His hitting with RISP is in the mid .300's and he's clutch. 

KROD & Axford are turning in to a dynamic duo.  HERE is a NYTimes story that went behind the scenes of the biggest mid-season trade of the season.  Yes, it's bigger than Michael Bourne going to Atlanta or Hunter Pence going to Philly.  Milwaukee landed best closer in the game and threw him in the set-up role.  They needed an extra arm in the pen and they went out and got it.

It's August, the Crew has a 3.5 game lead in the NL Central and they are 12 games over .500....so.....they are starting to plan on the playoffs and how they will promote the ticket sales.


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