Tuesday, June 1, 2010

21-30: Narv-Dog melts down in the 6th

The Good News: Chris Narveson tossed 5 excellent innings; Corey Hart kept his hot streak going by belting his 13 HR of the season; Ryan Braun collected a double (batting .318); and Rickie Weeks had 2 hits.

The Bad News: Chis Narveson gave up 5 earned run in the 6th; Estrada gave up 4 earned runs, Villy gave up 2 earned runs, and Suckpan gave up 1 earned run. Unbelieveable.

The Brewers' hurlers gave up a 4-run lead.....

How can Macha put in Jeff Suppan? Even in mop-up duties and there are no pitchers left....I don't care. This man doesn't deserve to see the dirt mound and throw in the bigs. He is a useless waste of money. Yes he's a nice go, or, so it seems. But this contract has proven to be the biggest bust in franchise history. Slightly beating out Teddy Higera's crap contract.

-Milwaukee is horrible in the 6th inning...absolutely horrid. Milwaukee has been outscored 36-17 in the sixth this season. Their team ERA is 5.36 on the season.

-Randy Wolf's contract is going to end up looking like Jeff Suppan's....a complete waste of money. He is just bad....unless he's facing the weak tits from Houston.

-Stern was sent back down and Edmounds was reactivated off the DL. I don't know where he's going to fit in with this current outfield. Hart is on a tear and Gomez has been solid as well. Braun is going to be an All-Star again this season.

-Chris Capuano is going to start against the Marlins on Thursday. He completely made me and others look like fools. I said that there was NO WAY he was going to crack the starting rotation...but then again, I never knew just how bad this rotation was going to get.

-With the recent resurgence of Corey Hart, he has now played his way in to being decent trade bait. All the blogs and boards are buzzing about the idea of Hart being a trade target. This of course is music to Melvin's ears. With his NL leading 13 HR's, he would make a solid addition to any of the division leading teams in the AL, especially the Yankees. I would imagine that the Crew would try to get a couple of young arms for him.

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