Friday, June 11, 2010

25-35: Carlos Gomez is really fast

Carlos Gomez is lightening quick...I mean, I always knews the guy had wheels....but watching the replay of yesterday's game on FSWisconsin last night highlighted just how fast this guy was. Thanks to a beautiful bunt by Craig Counsell (the only Brewer who can bunt effectively) would've gotten the job done; it would've advanced Gomez to 2B and in scoring position with 2 outs remaining if Craig was thrown out. Instead, 1B Xavier Nady misfired a thow 3B that allowed Gomez to head home for the winning run. By far, it was the strangest ending to a Brewers game in quite some time. I can't remember another time this has happened. A runner on 1B scores on an infield bunt?!?! Insane. I would like to think this marks the turn-around of the Crew and luck was finally on the side of the Brewers. Needless to say, I won't get my hopes up. Nope.
Craig Counsell called the bunt-play,
"That's our Willie Mays Hayes play," Counsell said, referring to the movie "Major League." "I play Tom Berenger and he plays Wesley Snipes."
Whatever it worked.
Let's not take away from the horrible game this truly was. The Cubbies had 3 errors and they out-hit the Crew 9 to 7. Corey Hart was the ONLY Brewer to collect 2 hits, one of which was a sorry-ass blooper to Right-Center field that left Byrd looking like a re~tard.
*Prince Fielder & Ryan Braun both went o'fer.
Fielder went 1 for 10 this series
Braun went 0-11
That's a grand total of 1-21 against the hated rivals....AT HOME.
Dave Bush went 6 complete giving up 4 earned runs 3 walks and 4 SO's.
The bullpen was immaculate. All 4 relievers for Milwaukee did their job! No one allowed a run and in 3 2/3 inning's of bullpen work, they only gave up 3 hits and 2 free passes. John Axford (3-1) earned the win.
No need to elaborate on the news of Jeff Suppan signing with the Cardinals. Their sabatoge mission worked flawlessly! My guess is that Dave Duncan will right his ship and Soup will make some spot starts this season. Gotta love it.

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