Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Draft Day 1 completed

The Milwaukee Brewers decided to make a long-term investment by drafting Dylan Covey, an 18 year-old RHP who has drawn comparisons to Matt Cain and Chad Billingsly.

I commend Doug Melvin and Mark Attanasio for thinking long term here. Doug Melvin hit it on the head while being interviewed (video posted HERE) last night when he said that pitchers like Wainwright, Carpeneter, and Josh Johnson as successfull pitchers (today) who were drafted right out of high school.

Last night's 14th overall pick marks the 4th time (in the past 10 drafts) that the Crew selected a high school right-hander. So this concerns me a bit, considering that Jeremy Jeffress, Mike Jones, and Mark Rogers had their rounds of injuries (Jeffress and drug suspensions).

Hopefully Covey can right the ship down their in the farm system. Lord knows the Brewers need it.

I found it interesting that none of THESE mock drafts had Covey picked higher than #18...most having him higher than #20 (between 20-30). The Crew picked him 14th overall.

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