Friday, June 25, 2010

The Time Is NOW

The time is now for the Milwaukee Brewers to wake-up and try to save this season. At this point in the season, as of June 25th, they need to put on a win-streak like none other and gain ground. Their schedule certainly favors them in the coming weeks:

Home vs Seattle (30-42)- 3 game series

Home vs Houston (28-45)- 3 game game series

@ STL (40-32)- 4 game series

Home vs San Fran (39-32)- 4 game series

Home vs Pittsburgh (25-47)- 3 game series

*All Star Break*

The weekend series with Seattle is going to be the return of Jack Z, who left before the 2009 season to take over the GM position with the M's. Both teams came in to the season with high hopes of finishing near the top of their respective divisions....however, Seattle is 12 games under .500 and the Crew is 8 behind.

Dave Bush (4.67/2-5) will take to the mound against LHP Ryan Rowland-Smith (5.98/1-6). What's nice about this match-up is that Bush was skipped during the Minnesota series, so therefore (one would think) that he should have a strong outting. Rowland-Smith came in to 2009 with some big expectations by Jack Z and the Seattle fanbase. Sadly enough, the guy has been one of the weakest spots in a rotation that has King Felix, Jason Vargas, and Clifford Lee. In fact, Milwaukee will have their hands full even without going up against Lee, Felix, and Vargas. Tomorrow Randy Wolf will face Doug Fister (3-3/2.45), although this is Fister's first start since coming off the DL. On Sunday the Narv Dog will face Jason Vargas (6-2/2.66).

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