Wednesday, June 2, 2010

21-31: Hoffman loses another game for Crew

I can't believe how fast Trevor Hoffman's decline unfolded. We all knew he was probably getting close to having his career come to a close. We just didn't think it would happen this fast.

The headlines in today's papers says it all. One read, "Marlins light up Hoffman in the 7th". First off, Trevor Hoffman being called upon in the 7th inning? Probably not since his days as a Marlin during the World Series year (rookie) was he called upon in the 7th.

Last night added to the soup sandwich that is Hoffman when he coughed up 3 runs on 2 doubles in the 7th inning. Dave Bush had a blister on his throwing hand that ultimately led to him exiting the game a bit early. As a result, the Crew turned to Hoffman to protect a 3-3 tie.
Well, that ended badly and Hoffman continues to destroy games for Milwaukee.

Corey Hart belted his 14th HR of the season. This guy is on fire and will make excellent trade bait for some young arms.

Prince Fielder hit his 8th HR
Ryan Braun added a double
Casey McGehee's batting average dipped below .300 (.299) by going 1-4 last night.
Batters 1-8 all had (at least) a hit last night. The 9th spot went 0-4 with Bushy, Inglett, and Counsell. The latter coming from the at-plate of the game with the tying run on 1B. Counsell whiffed when he tried to hold-back on a Nunez breaking ball.

There is no fixing Trevor Hoffman. Milwaukee has to face the facts. His change-up is no longer a threat to the young hitters of MLB. His fast ball is in the mid 80's and he has no other pitch that's effective. He's done. The more they put him out there, the more he's going to end up looking like a fool. You have to trade him. I realize he's a veteran and he probably has a no-trade clause, but I'm sure some team out there would like to take the chance with him. My guess is that they would only be able to free up some cash in return. But that's okay. Between him and Suppan, those two are taking up valuable space. Especially now that Kameron Loe having a good first-showing last night when he struck out 2 of the 3 batters he faced. John Axford and Zach Bradock (despite his meltdown against the Mets) are two young pitchers who need to remain on the team and not be sent back down to Nashville. Not to mention Capuano is now back in the rotation, so that means Manny Parra is back in the pen. David Riske is soon to rejoing the Crew. NOW WHAT?!

Milwaukee has a major dilemma on their hand. Doug Melvin's idea of going in to the season with an abundance of pitching is a good thing (look at last year!), but this is going to blow up in his face. He needs to do something with Suppan now, Michael Hunt would agree! And then if need be, deal with Hoffman. You can't have both of them taking up roster spots.

Last but not least....Milwaukee has signed reliever Brian Bruney to a minor league deal. He was lit up this season while playing for the Nationals. I remember when he played for the Yanks.
The Crew WILL NOT look in to Dontrelle Willis.

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