Tuesday, June 15, 2010

27-37: Yet again, back to 10 games under .500

Milwaukee shined last night in LA! They also survived a 5.7 earthquake!
Randy Wolf actually tossed a damn good game; lasting 7 complete innings while giving up 2 (earned) runs on 3 hits and giving out only 3 walks. This is the Randy Wolf we signed. Now if he can just string together some consecutive solid starts!
Wolf-meister had a little help from Ryan Braun & Casey McGehee who both went yard in fashionable ways. Braunie hit his 3rd career grand slam while McGehee hit a long shot that went off of Torri Hunter's glove in CF. The man literally had the ball in his glove; making a spectacular play....all to see it flop out over the wall. The Crew scored 5 runs in both 3rd and 7th innings. Let's just hope this isn't their weekly ass-whipping that is followed by sub-par performances.
-Carlos Gomez continues to struggle since being dropped down to the 7-spot. He went 0 for 5 on the evening as did Prince (0-4). Joe Inglett is a Man-Bear Pig. The guy is on a pretty good tear as of late by going 1 for 1 as a pinch hitter last night. Talk about an excellent find by Doug Melvin (take note, haters).
-Villy and Chris Smith finished off LA last night by each going an inning and striking out two. Smith gave up the only hit.
-Draft pick Austin Ross signed with the Crew. He was going to be LSU's ace next year. Pretty nice considering that LSU is a solid SEC program.
-Dylan Covey, Milwaukee's top pick, met with the Brewers and the players last night for the first time. He's being represented by his dad during contract negotiations, in order to uphold his eligibility status for college. He does have a full-ride scholarship to SDSU. So this isn't a shoe-in by any means.
-Shhhh....quiet....do you hear that? That's Corey Hart's trade value rising! His 17 HR's are looking pretty damn good and should draw a good quality trade!


  1. Just think if we still had francisco cordero. Good one Melvin (bush league)

  2. Who did we get in return for him? Nothing...I don't know even know if we received draft picks from the Reds when he walked. If we did receive draft picks...My guess is that they didn't add up to anything.
    Keep in mind though, the year that Melvin let Coco walk was the year that Eric Gagne came on board and stunk up the place...but it was also the year where Salomon Torres became a stud closer.