Monday, June 28, 2010

34-41: Narv-Dog goes the distance!

Chris Narveson went the the distance in yesterday's game 3-0, thus improving his record to 7-4 on the season. Narveson pitched 8 shut-out innings with 7 K's and only 1 walk. Pretty impressive for a guy who's hanging on by a thread in the starting rotation. In fact, with Doug Davis coming back Kenny Macha has hinted at possibly creating a 6-man rotation. This, I feel, is a bad idea. Sure it allows plenty of rest, but it also throw Yovanni Gallardo out of sync. Adding another hurler to the rotation does more harm than good. In fact, I believe that it's easier to go to a 4-man rotation than a 6-man rotation. Of course, the play-off atmosphere certainly help the 4-man rotation and it's cause.

Rickie Weeks is the best lead-off hitter in baseball....or.....well.....he has been in the month of June. He leads all other lead-off hitter in the NL in RBI's (44). He blasted a long ball in the 1st inning to get the Crew off to a hot start.

Jonathon Lucroy added a double (1 for 4). It's pretty obvious that he should be the starting catcher and George Kottarus should be used sparingly. Hart, McGehee, and Weeks also added a double each.
Joe Inglett continued to have a hot bat coming off the bench. They guy hit a nicely-placed triple.

John Axford collected his 7th save of the season. He has now moved 2 saves ahead of Trevor Hoffman (5). Hard to comprehend....the all-time best saves leader is on the bench and seldom used. My guess is that this won't last too much longer. In fact, if the Milwaukee gets to a back-to-back game situation for a save....Macha will used Hoffman the second game and then blame "short rest" on his reasoning when Hoffman blows it. However, I don't think Hoffman will blow anything. My guess is that he will turn in to a viable option for the Crew and return to the Closer role. Axford will become the set-up and also be used in spot closing appearances.
Randy Wolf is sucking big-time at Miller Park. THIS piece contributes that to the spacious parks that he threw in while playing for the Dodgers.
Here is one thing I don't get....Melvin & Macha decided to keep Doug Davis down in the minors for one more rehab start (w/ the TimberRattlers); why does he automatically get to jump right back in to the rotation? Yes, I realize he has a sizable contract, but so did Jeff Suppan. Why fix something that may have finally been repaired? Or....why not toy with Doug Davis and Randy Wolf (two lefties) switching off starts, since it's those two who are the weak spots in the rotation?
The Brewers may have finally gotten over the slump/hump of the first half. The rotation is key and it needs to be one well-oiled machine.
As can be expected, the Brewers and Boras are not in-talks regarding Fielder's contract. Save it for the off-season. HE WILL NOT BE TRADED this season. If anything, it will occur during the off-season when all teams are in play for him.

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