Thursday, June 10, 2010

24-35: Randy Wolf is Jeff Suppan version 2.0

Let's face it....the Randy Wolf signing is proving to be a colassal failure. It could end up being worse than the Suppan signing, by the looks of it. Honestly, at least Suppan had some good outting and wins back in 2007.

Milwaukee lost to Chicago last night, 9-5. The Cubbies hit 3 HR's in one inning. Unbelieveable. Why didn't Macha yank his sorry ass? Seriously? He crushed any hopes of a resurgence after Tuesday night's win.

Well then, let's compare Suckpan to Wolfdick....

Jeff Suppan's first games to today's date (2007):
13 Starts, 7-6, 86 innings pitched, 37 ER, 40 SO, 10 HR, 27 BB

Randy Wolf
13 Starts, 5-8, 78 innings pitched, 46 ER, 49 SO, 15 HR, 39 BB

As you can see, thus far in to the season Jeff Suppan pretty much crushes Randy Wolf's numbers. Wolf's only better stat is his 49 strike outs compared to Jeff Suppan's 40. It's apparent that Randy Wolf is having a horrible start to his season and he's not playing up to his contract.

Doug Melvin has a long list of failures when it comes to bringing on pitchers....
Eric Gagne: 10MM-complete debacle from the VERY START (remember opening day in Chicago?)
David Riske: Out for a 1.5 seasons
Trevor Hoffman: This is a wash, because he had a kick ass season in 2009.
Jeff Suppan
Randy Wolf: so far...horrible
Scott Linbrink
Claudio Vargas: a wash, he was stellar last season....but now I think he is cut or going to be.
LaTroy Hawkins: Extended stay on the DL
David Weathers: Horrible last season....horrible
Doug Davis: This is the biggest f-up. I was all for Milwaukee bringing him back though...I thought the douche would eat some eatting...all he's doing is spewing out earned runs. Still on the DL and Doug Davis is in no hurry to bring him back.

This is just the top of the list that I can think of right now. CC Sabathia was his only brilliant move. It truly was. Matt LaPorta is back down in AAA and Michael Brantly didn't have a roster spot with the Crew. And of course, the Crew made it to the playoffs.

This is a disturbing trend with no signs of relief. John Axford, Kameron Loe, and Broddick are all unproven or have minimal proven success. How could he let the pitching ranks get this depleted? And still have a job?

Sad thing is, I still think he's a decent GM who, if fired, would be tough to replace.

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