Wednesday, June 30, 2010

35-42: Yovanni does it with his bat

Despite Yovanni Gallardo (8-3) giving up a non-typical 4 runs, he made up for it with the use of his bat. The rising star and future All-Star (one would think) recorded 5 SO's, giving up 7 hits and only 2 walks in his 6-inning outing. The win improves his record to 8-3 on the season.

Joining in the HR party was Prince Fielder (16, 17th HR) and Jonathon Lucroy (2), the latter seeing his batting average hover at the .290 mark since getting the call-up.

Rickie Weeks continued his hot streak by going 1 for 4 w/ 2 RBI.

Ryan Braun went 0 for 4 on the night; he saw his batting average dip below .300 for the first time this season! Yet he still leads the NL outfielders in All Star votes, rightfully so. His highest BA on the season was .417 on April 22nd (not counting the first week of the season).

The bullpen showed some vulnerability last night....again. John Axford recorded his 8th straight save of the season. It should be noted that he did give up a run on a nicely placed liner to deep center by Lance Berkman. But, on the flipside to that....he did get Hunter Pence to ground out. He's getting it done. However, Trevor Hoffman will probably be used today if there is a save situation. Basically, Macha is looking for an excuse to use the Hoff, which would work out well today because of the afternoon game OR tomorrow in St. Louis because of the travel. As of right now Trevor Hoffman is taking up a valuable roster spot that could be used on someone else. Yes, Trevor has worked nicely in 7th & 8th inning appereances...but that's not what he does.

Speaking of roster spots...what will Kenny Macha do with Chris Capuano? The guy hasn't thrown since their trip to Florida (June 3rd). That's approaching a damn month of him just sitting out there and rotting. What are they going to do? I mean, they have Doug Davis getting a start against San Fran. But Capy is just chilling out there in the bullpen. Are they going to package him in a trade and they don't want to risk any injury to him? Who in the hell would take him?

It's nice to see Prince Fielder break out his bat. The man has been ridiculous this month. It wasn't too long ago that I was bitching about him. Well, I stand here eating my words...or sit here doing so. He cranked out two long balls to the same EXACT spot of Miller Park (RF corner). You can simply tell with his approach and swing that he's far more confident than April-May.

Ever wonder what the hell a HOLD is, regarding relief pitching? Well, broke it down as simple as one can get. Carlos Villanueva has 11 holds and leads the Brewers. Compare that to ex-Brewer Mike Adams (set-up man for Heath Bell) and his 21 holds. The record is 36 by Flash Gordon of the Yankees in 2004.

Remember LaTroy Hawkins? He's coming off the DL soon. My guess is that Todd Coffey is going to get limited use the remainder of the season (barring any injury). He just doesn't have it this season. Meanwhile, LaTroy will probably get worked in right away and take over Zach Braddock/Kameron Loe's set-up roles. Both have been effective, but 5.25MM is far too much money to let rot in middle-relief. He should return for the Cardinals series after he makes one last rehab start in Appleton tonight. Together, he and Davis account for 12.75MM in investments....unbelievable....throw in Randy Wolf's and you have a colossal failure.

Granted, THIS is a simple "" post....but it does discuss the idea of Cliff Lee getting traded to the Brewers. If anyone knows the prospects in the Milwaukee farm system, it's Jack Z. I just don't see this happening. If they hit .500 before the All-Star break, possibly. But that's even a long shot. Regardless, playing the 'what-if' game....
Mat Gamel & Brett Lawrie & cash for Cliff Lee?
Jose Lopez is their starting 3B. The guy shows glimpses of promise at time, like when he went yard twice in the Milwaukee series over this past weekend, but the guy is still batting a horrid .247 or so. Gamel could be a nice fit at 3B. Brett Lawrie could be a good addition because he is just doesn't fit in with Milwaukee's plans. He could play 1B, pending an exit by Prince Fielder. He could also catch, which I don't see happening either because kid-wonder Jonathon Lucroy is doing just fine. I'm sure Seattle would love to have him, especially since he was Jack Z's last 1st round pick before leaving. Plus, those two are both Canadians. I don't know if Lorenzo Cain can play LF or not, since that would be the best fit seeing that Milton Bradley is a head case if he were thrown in to the mix. Just shooting from the hip here. This trade has a 20% chance of happening.

Looking ahead to the Suds Series in St. Louis....
Milwaukee will not have to face Adam Wainwright!
They will have to face Carpenter and Garcia though.
HERE are the probable match-ups... writer Mike Bauman discusses the idea of the SF Giants trading for Prince Fielder. He talks highly of Fielder and only has one hang-up with him...his size. Other than that, he paints Prince as a stand-up guy who has plenty of up-side potential. The comments below the story, specifically the 3rd comment, sheds an accurateand balance light on the Prince. Yes, he's respected by his teammates...probably out of fear. Let's face it, Prince has had his fall-out with his old-man (not really his fault), a dug-out explosion between he and Manny Parra 2 years ago, going after Motto while playing against the Dodgers last season, the bowling pin incident, the St. Louis Cardinal feud of 2007. The list goes on. I still think he's a good guy, but I wouldn't say perfect. At any rate, he has the idea of the Giants giving up a frontline pitcher and a prospect (hurler) for Prince. Please sir, we'll take Matt Caine and Madison Bumgarner for Prince Fielder. Will that be enough? I truly don't think so. He's starting to heat up and he blasted 10 HR's in the month of June alone. We would need a corner infielder (low level) prospect as well or a RF.

Does it make sense for the Brewers to deal Corey Hart with no viable option to replace him? Well, here is one scenario....The Braves "are showing" interest in Corey Hart to replace Jason Heyward who is on the DL. Reading stuff like this makes me wonder just how serious Heywards injury is? That being said, Milwaukee would probably deal Corey Hart...if again....they don't hit .500 by the All Star break or at the very least by the trade deadline. Who is there to replace him though? There isn't a viable option at this point.

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