Monday, April 20, 2009

Brewers drop another series

4-8 record

The Milwaukee Brewers have yet to win a series in 2009. Tied for last with the Houston Astros is probably not what the Crew had in mind to start the season. Despite this, the team is showing signs of improvement in areas of pitching and hitting. Milwaukee dropped their series at the new Citi Field in New York to the Mets 1-2. Their lone win came yesterday afternoon on the heels of a strong performance of Jeff Supan. Everything worked and the team looked sharp, and that of course, is why they actually took a game. They certainly played well on Friday and Saturday too. Both times they come up short by a run to the team who has the best line-up in the National League.

Friday's game was a heart breaker. The Crew came from behind on a Ryan Braun (1) homer and should have pulled away. Instead, Gary Sheffield belted his 500th HR of his career and Louis Castillo smacked the final nail in the coffin. In the end, it was the team that made one too many mistakes that ended up losing the game. Milwaukee's inability to turn double-plays was what finally cost the game. That, and Dave Bushs' first inning that put the Mets up 3 runs right out of the gate. That being said, Bush settled in after that and threw quite well. How long now have known about this first inning drought that Bush throws?

The following afternoon Milwaukee and New York played a day game that pitted two of the best National League pitchers against one another. Of course, Johan Santana is the very best. He's a veteran who hasn't lost a game since mid 2008. On Milwaukee's side you have Yovanni Gallardo, probably one of the best young pitchers in the game. It came down to, once again, the team with the fewest mistakes winning the game. Thanks impart to Rickie Weeks bobbling a play, New York was able to score the lone run that won them the game. Yovanni pitched 6 scoreless innings, fanning 7 and giving up 5 hits. Santana matched that and last one more inning. It was identical performances, which isn't too shabby considering Johan was throwing at home. Carlos Villanueva, yet again, gets the loss and blown save.

The two teams met for the rubber match yesterday afternoon. Brewer fans cringed when they saw Jeff Supan take to the mound. After all, the man hasn't won a game since August 2008. That being said, Soup looked damn good out there and finally pitched like his contract pays....very well. He was able to work through his first inning run that he allowed to notch the first victory for a starting pitcher. Soup walked only one batter, but did give up 8 hits. Thanks impart to some nifty defense and double plays (finally), the Crew were able to hold the Mets at bay. The big hat-tip goes to Todd Coffey who earned his first save for Milwaukee. Most impressive was the fact that he came in with bases loaded and one out, to get the Mets to ground out to him. Coffey bobbled the ball briefly and quickly launched it to home plate where Jason Kendall then turned two at first base. Coffey pitched 2 and 2-3 innings.

Milwaukee, Todd Coffey is your new closer...until Trevor Hoffman returns.

*Rickie Weeks is hitting .271 thus far in to the season. He went 3 for 5 yesterday with a double. His one hiccup did indeed cost the Brewers the game on Saturday. Other than that, he's been pretty impressive.

*Mike Cameron is leading the Brewers offensively. He is batting .316 with 4 home runs, striking out 7 times.

*Corey Hart looks less funny-looking with his hair dyed black.

*Trevor Hoffman will pitch Tuesday for Nashville. This is great news. With TH returning to the closer role, Coffey could then be used as the set-up man.

*Nelson Figueroa was shipped back down to the minors after pitching 6 pretty damn good innings against Milwaukee. This occurred only one hour after the game. Nelson was scrubbing himself in the shower when Jerry Manuel poked his head in (probably).

*If the Mets don't win the NL East this year, I will be shocked. They have the best line-up in the National League and a solid 1-2 punch in their rotation. Their bullpen has certainly improved.

***Auburdale, WI native Jordan Zimmerman will get his first major league start today! The Nats suck pretty bad this year.

Florida Marlins have only one loss thus far in to the season. Then again, they played the Nats 6 times. Coincidence?


  1. I was very unimpressed with the Mets. Maybe it was just the fact that every other team has used Suppan for batting practice. They better start winning to keep pace with the Marlins and the Phillies will still be tough too.

  2. Phillies look pretty weak too. It may take a bit before the big 5 (Mets) start kicking butt.