Friday, April 10, 2009

Riske Move Leads To Loss

Brewers 1 - Giants 7

I worked hard on that headline.
Wow. Last nights game was ugly. It seemed like the Brewers were just wanted the game to finish so that they could board their plane and make the long trek back to home. Manny Parra had a rough start to his season as did David Riske. The latter looked horrid. Nonetheless, it was ultimately the offense that really dropped the ball and didn't provide any sort of run support. They made Matt Cain look like the 2009 Cy Young winner. Albeit, he looked pretty good.

I think it was Bob Uecker that put it best, Manny Parra was over-throwing. He was trying far too hard. He looked solid for 3 full innings until his untimely collapse in the 4th. I hope this isn't starting to become a trend for the Southpaw. Last season he was fine through 4 innings, but would then fall apart in the 5th inning.

Matt Cain went 7 innings, giving up a lonely run and 4 hits

The core of the order went 1 for 12 (Prince, JJ, Braun)

Again, Mike Cameron reminded Brewer fans why he's still a stud....and why we didn't trade him away to NY for some scrubs. He had two hits, one being a double. He has had a hell of a road trip. It ended on a bad note though last night, to his dismay.

David Riske is proving to be a risk, the Brewers should have cut him when it made sense...instead of Lamb. He threw 25 pitches and gave up 4 hits and 2 runs. He looked pathetic. I realize this is the third game, but he has been nothing but a shlub since coming here from KC.

Mark DeFilice looked the most impressive, going 1 2/3 innings and giving up only 1 hit and a walk.

Now for the good news.....OPENING WEEKEND!

Today is the home opener for the Brewers, thus ensuring Wisconsinites that Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner.

The Journal Sentinel had a special feature on Opening Day in todays paper. Check it out!

-Micahel Hunt tries to explain a real Cubs fan....I don't buy it. They are all pathetic losers.
-For those who forgot the lay-out of Miller Park, you can check out a map of it HERE.
-I will be attending Saturday's game with my wife, sister-in-law, brother, and my wife's two cousins. We are attending the Leff's Lucky Town ( a sweet bar in Wauwatosa) party. They do it every year. Check out their website HERE. It was 75.00 per person for a ticket, pre-game food/beer/music and a shirt I believe. For those who are going to Leff's's a map (see below).
-HERE is another write-up on Opening Day!
The game starts at 3:07pm.
Rich Harden (RHP) vs Braden Looper (RHP)
Probable pitchers for the series
-More on Trevor Hoffman trying to get back to the bullpen. was a sad day to be a baseball fan. Nich Adenhart's untimely death is just another example of how messed up this world can by.


  1. Great headline Scottage! So far after each of the first three games I ask myself one question; WWND? What Would Ned Do? Just think if Ned was the current manager and made the same moves as Macha has. The bloggers and radio would tear him apart. Are the fans actually going to hold the players accountable for the season? It would be a welcomed change.

  2. what's wrong with Macha's moves?
    Suppan as opening day starter? I liked that move.

    Hart and Hardy flip flopping in the batting order?

    What moves?