Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Crew Goes The Distance

This game was an odd one from the very start. It could have been Braden Looper (2-0, 2 no-decisions) stumbling out of the blocks. Or perhaps Carlos Villanueva, once again blowing a hold for closer Trevor Hoffman. Thankfully Mike Cameron was able to contain the damage to two runs as he was able to throw out runner at home plate with a hoper from deep center.

Ryan Braun spearheaded the onslaught of home runs with a solo homerun in the bottom of the first inning. When he returned in the third inning Pirate starting pitcher Jeff Karstens beamed with a wild fast-ball. Braun gave Kastens the traditional stare down and gradually made his way to first base. Thankfully, we were able to see the old Macha from his Oakland days. He barked at the home plate umpire for quite sometime, even after the official issued warnings to both teams....which by the way is like telling your two kids they both get "time-outs" for being naughty. It doesn't work. I doubt if Dave Bush will retalliate today, we'll see.

Week (4), Braun (5) and Cameron (5) all went yard last night.
Prince Fielder slammed a stand-up triple in the third inning, right after Braun went the distance.

Ryan Braun on Jeff Karstens:
Asked if Karstens drilled him intentionally, Braun said, "Probably, yeah. It's rare for major-league pitchers to miss by that much with a fastball."
Then, issuing a not-so-wise warning to the commissioner's office, Braun added, "We play them about 17 more times (actually 13). Tell Mr. Selig, we'll see what happens. It's going to be interesting."

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