Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Suppan Pushed Back In Rotation

JSonline.com reported this evening that Ken Macha and Jeff Suppan met this afternoon. When all was said and done Soup has been pushed back a day in the rotation, courtesy of Ken Macha. I'm glad Macha didn't wait around like Ned Yost would've. Macha made a good decision and it sends a message to the rest of the pitchers that if they can't throw strikes or have a consecutive bad outtings...there will be hell to pay.

On paper, this does effect the match ups of course with Milwaukee traveling to NY to take on the Mets at the new CitiField this Friday. Yovanni Gallardo will probably now take to the mound against Johann Santana...or Seth McClung could make a spot-start so that the rest of the order does get messed up. Or I'm way off mark and I'm reading too much in to this.

-Milwaukee will have 5 picks in the top 74 draft picks. I had forgotten that they got shafted on losing CC to the Yankees. They now have another second round pick. No date given for the draft, but I believe it's usually in early June (first week).

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