Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I hate Dish TV

So I got home from work last night and ate some dinner that my wife prepared (thankful). After that I plopped down on the floor to play with my boys and watch some Brewer baseball on FSN-Wisconsin. Well....the game wasn't on.

Upon my initial disgust, I called up DishTv and was put in contact with some foreign element who couldn't speak a lick of English. I told him my problem, but he didn't understand because he didn't know what the Brewers do or play. Understandably, it's a "small market" team.

I finally got transferred three times to the corporate executive office in Denver. The lady was helpful and allowed me to back out of my contract (3 months remaining) because I would no longer be able to watch the Brewers on FSN-Wisc. anymore, due to a programming change.

This excites me. Dish has no MLB tv, FX in hd, FSN WISC (apparently), and local hd channels (in the 54452).
So I hooked myself up with Charter. For 157.95 (tax included) I am getting:
-two hd DVR boxes
-three tv connections
-HD Package (tnt, tbs, fx, etc..)

Compare that to the 120.00 or bucks I was paying for Dish, with no phone / Internet included...

In relevant news...

Milwaukee ended up losing that game to the Padres, 6-5.

Ryan Braun left the game in the second inning with a pretty serious thumb contusion. A Brian Giles liner was lost in the low-leveled lights and it bounced off Brauns' hand. Wisconsin held their collective breath until the X-Ray report came back negative. Regardless, Ken Macha is still worried about it.

Fielder went 2-3, with a double and scored a run.
Looper got the start and gave up 7 hits, 4 runs, 2 earned, in only 4 innings of work. Hopefully he will be ready to go by next week.

Last night Corey Hart and JJ Hardy flipped spots in the batting order. I don't care for this line-up change. Hart belongs near the top. Despite my feelings, Ken Macha is thinking about this change-up while heading in to the season.
Smartly, the Brewers' Matt Lamb was cut. Macha had a sit-down with him that probably went something like Bull Durham (when Crash was cut). The Brewers rewarded Casey Mcgehee by giving him a spot. Mark DeFilice will probably make the cut too.
Matt Lamb, on being cut:

Was the move a surprise?
"Yes and no," Lamb said. "Yes, because every indication I had from the offseason leading into Spring Training was that I was going to be on the team and see playing time at third base, depending on how Billy [Hall] did.
"Then, when I got to Spring Training, I started going into games in the seventh and eighth inning. And I went almost a week without playing third. It just wasn't adding up. I wasn't totally shocked, but I never dreamed I'd get released again. I don't think I merited that. I thought I played decent enough. My batting average wasn't that great, but I certainly don't think I was over-matched."

*Milwaukee will only have to eat 4k of the 3MM he's due. The lovely Twins will pick up the rest.

There will 95 Brewers games broadcasted in HD this season. Heaven. A total of 136 games will be televised.

Ex-Brewer Zach Jackson made the Cleveland roster (reliever). Good for him.

Milwaukee has already sold 1.75MM tickets. Impressive. Not to mention they are predicted to finish between 3rd and 5th place in the central....according to prediction specialists. (SI picked them second place). They are defying logic. Well said!

The Metavante Club may have to change it's name to the Fidelity Club. Who cares. Although I had always thought Metevante was well-run corporation with stability. The company went public only a year ago....

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