Monday, April 13, 2009

Cubs win this time around....Take series

Saturdays game was a great game, despite being beat in the final inning by Soriano's blast. Bush wasn't too bad on the mound, but could've last longer.
Sadly enough, my ticket that I purchased through Leff's Lucky Town party was the very top row....I mean way at the top....last row. It was nice because you have more room up there and there's a huge ledge for you to put your beers; after you buy 3 of 4 in the 7th inning (last call...).

Even still, the Brewers could have won that one.
Carlos Villanueva blew his first save.
The Cubs out-slugged the Brewers in the HR department, 3-1
Zambrano gave up 7 hits
Bushy gave up 6 hits, both pitchers gave up 3 runs.
Prince had a nice homerun that put the Crew up.

Now for the game that was hard to watch and literally gave me heartburn....

Jeff Suppan single-handily lost the game for Milwaukee last night. He walked in 3 cubbies, back to back to back. He walked four and even fricken beamed another...ugh... Meanwhile, Ken Macha sat there in disbelief. Should he or should he not pull him? It was only the fourth inning and Soup wasn't pitching all that bad, besides giving up a homer to Soriano on the very first pitch.
Jorge Julio took to the mound and decided to follow suite, giving up a bases-loaded walk. That one you can't really blame on the sizable pitcher. He walked in to it, no pun intended.

This is going to be a season-long thing with Soup. Last year he did indeed deliver the Crew a solid month in August when other pitchers (besides CC) could give us a win. He won 5 straight, which was much needed. He got rocked the first game of this season and now last nights game. When do you or CAN you pull the plug on this pitcher who has a huge salary (12.5MM in 2008)? With Bush, the Crew sent him down to Nashville for a couple of weeks last season. That did wonders for him and he came back and delivered a darn good last couple of months and our only post-season win in 26 years. Why not do the same for Soup? In his place, McClung can step up and do better than what we've seen the past two outings. Give him one last shot against the Mets.(Friday).

Milwaukee out hit Chicago 8 to 5.
Milwaukee handed out 10 free passes. That is the worse part about the game....the free passes.
Rickie Weeks and Corey Hart both went yard. Soriano was the lone Cub to go the distance.

Carlos Marmol was impressive on the mound. Kevin Gregg on other hand, almost blew another save.
Every Milwaukee pitcher gave up at least a run. Soup gave up the most.
Reid Johnson robbed Prince Fielder of his first career grand slam. It was a pretty slick catch.

The good news out of all of this is Rickie Weeks and Corey Hart. Both have started the season pretty damn strong. Weeks especially. His defense has been tops (aside from one play in SF) and his base running has been darn good. Thus far, this second baseman would get player of the week.
He batted .280, going 7 for 25. He's had timely hits too. Although his stats to show it (yet) his performance has been a 180 shift from last season....and the seasons before.

Michael Hunt reminds us that Soup has had three horrific outings in a row, dating back to last years ass-kicking by the Phillies in game 3 of the NLDS. He was horrific then as well. This is getting bad. How long did the Giants take before they pulled the plug on Barry Zito last year? I recall he got shipped to the pen after 6 games, starting off 0-5.
In the end of Hunt's story, he says that Milwaukee should make a run for Jake Peavy. All I have to say is duh. Why not?

The Chicago Tribune poses the same question. Milwaukee needs another arm in the rotation.

Mike Cameron has been checking in with injured Giants pitcher Joe Martinez.

Now the Brewers have to face the speedy team, the Reds. Edison Volquez (0-1) takes to the mound against Yovanni Gallardo (1-0).
Here is pitching match-ups (probable).

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