Thursday, April 16, 2009

Travel Day

Tonight I will probably finish raking my lawn. I would like to get this done before the weekend because I will probably spend it watching/listening to Brewer baseball.

As we speak, the Brewers are probably out enjoying the scenary of New York. They may even link up with the beloved Trenni. Then again, with Drill Sergeant Macha on the prowl...they will probably be in bed by 7pm and up by 4:00am tomorrow to run laps around Central Park.

I wonder what it's like in that club house right now? With easy-going Ned and "let's go out and get drunk with my players" Dale Sveum, you have to think to yourself that players like Braun and Hall are pissed. Macha, I'm sure, allows them to go out on game nights especially if it's a night game the following day. But he just seems like he would be there making his rounds in the hotel doing bed checks at 10:00pm in his bathrobe that Billy Beane gave him for his wedding anniversary a few years back.

*** As expected, the pathetic David Riske is on the 15 day DL and RJ Swindle was brought up. RJ has minor league options therefore the Brewers can leave open a roster spot. Makes you wonder if anyone else will get a call-up?

Milwaukee should've unloaded Riske when they had the chance a couple of weeks ago. He has been a complete bust and shows no signs of recovery. He also looks like Matt Wise.

Mets pitcher Mike Pelfrey, who is slated to start against the Crew on Sunday, will probably miss that game due to tendenitis. Great news for Soup! Minor leaguer Nelson Figueroa may get the call-up from Buffalo.

This date in baseball....The 1987 Brewers had their 13-game winning streak snapped by the White Sox. They shared that streak with the Braves...

Speaking of the Atlanta Braves, shortstop Yunel Escobar left the game today with a strained ab muscle.

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