Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Not since 2003....

Brewers 6 - Giants 11

Not since 2003 have the Milwaukee Brewers dropped their season opener. Both teams anticipated a rain-out up until an hour before the game. Thus resulting in a hurry-up effort for the two clubs to warm-up and get ready to play ball. Oh well.

Jeff Suppan (0-1) got off to a rocky start and didn't show much promise as being (on paper) Milwaukee's #1 in the rotation. He only lasted 4 innings and 64 pitches, but in that short amount of time the Giants did work on him. With only one strike out to his name, he certainly didn't bring his "A" game to the park. Giving up 6 hits and 6 earned runs this can hopefully be written off as Soup having the first-game jitters. On a bright note, the man hit a double that scored a run and only had one walk.

"It's a loss," Suppan said. "We play 161 more games."
"The reason why it is a big build-up is because you've been getting ready for it, this year, for two months. So, of course, there's excitement and anticipation, and it's definitely a big day. But I don't think how you play on opening day dictates how the season plays out."

Keep in mind Soup, look how many games Milwaukee lost year...that they should've won. Didn't that dictate the drama filled-last two weeks of the season? You win games you're supposed to. Last year the Crew swept the Giants for the season (along with the Pirates). Those are the games they are expected to win. If you can't win those, you're in trouble. Indeed, it's the first game....but the "who gives a sh*t" about the loss is for the birds.

Should we be concern? Not yet. Despite Soup's pretty piss-poor season last year, his control was not all that bad....considering the tight strike zone that the homplate umpire was calling.

Soup's counter-part wasn't much better. Tim Lincecum (1-0) lasted only 3 innings and giving up 3 earned runs and handing out 3 free passes and only 4 hits. He did however manage to strike out 5 Brewer batters. Most importantly, he got himself out of a first inning jam that could have tilted the way the game unfolded.

Offensively, there were plenty of bright spots in the Brewers lineup. Most noteably Ryan Braun and Rickie Weeks. Despite by distaste for Weeks, he certainly showed up to play yesterday, reaching first base 3 times. He went 2 for 3 with a double and an rbi.

Prince Fielder and Billy Hall also hit for extra bases.

Ryan Braun went 2-4, striking out twice
Three different Giants' hit homeruns (Rowand, Molina, Winn)

Billy Hall, to me, looked like he just received a new set of eye balls and he was getting use to them. During a couple of grounders he seemed off balanced and late. Perhaps it's just me being pissed off that he hit in to a double-play with runners at the corners early on in the game.

The offense looked pretty sharp, as did the defense. The pitching was the biggest concern, as expected. McClung hung in there for two innings and Soup certainly flashed some positive signs with his control. Dave Bush giving up a homerun in his first appearence will probably have a negative effect on his self-confidence. Every season he seems to get off to a shakey start. Nonetheless, I do believe that he is due for a break out season.

-Prince Fielder made the cover of "Bigs", video game. This is the only game I ever played when I had x-box 360. I then sold my console because I'm 30 and I have kids to raise.

-I stated up late to watch the ending of the Cubs - Astros game. The 'stros looked pretty damn good. It was nice to see Kevin Gregg lose the game for Chicago. His counterpart, Jose Valverde meanwhile pitched a scoreless 9th inning. After 10 innings, Astros won 3-2. I am still waiting for Milton Bradley to strain his thumb or pull a hamey.
-Ex Milwaukee Panter manager, Jerry Augustine joined the FSWisconsin team. That's pretty sweet considering he's a native.

-Lastly, I kept on getting faked out by the scorebox on FSWISCONSIN. It seems like the score keeper was constantly messing up the score and the count. Also, since when is FSN North now called "FS Wisconsin"? I like it.


  1. What a shit lineup. Bring back Ned. I want to make it clear that I cheered for Rickie the entire season last year. Go Rickie Go!!

  2. I do have you marked down in my notes, that you cheered for Rickie.

    A number of critics are saying that this will be his break out year. I doubt that, but he should give us a higher on-base percentage with Macha on his ass.

    Also, thank you for being my only reader. You too K. And some other guy in milwaukee.