Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rickie Weeks Wins The Game?!?!?!

Brewers 4 - Cubs 3

Indeed, the headline you just read is true. Rickie Weeks actually won a game for the Brewers yesterday in dramatic fashion. Thanks impart to a sloppy Chicago bullpen (Marmol & Gregg) and a well-placed grounder hit by Braunie, Milwaukee was able to notch their first home win. Weeks was able to drive home Billy Hall (who walked) with a timely double. Weeks than earned kudos for his attentive base running as well. When Braun hit a grounder to Ryan Theriot, the funny looking shortstop had a decision to make: either go for the double play (which would've been tough) or prevent the game-winning run to score in Rickie Weeks (who was on third). He picked the latter and made a pretty good throw. However, the backup catcher Koyie Hill bobbled the ball and Weeks executed a perfect head-first slide.

Meanwhile, the Milwaukee bullpen should also get some of the credit. Despite Seth McClung giving up a two-run homer to the back-up catcher, the relievers were spot on. Especially Todd Coffey and Carlos Villanueva.

Lou Piniella agreed with home plate umpire Jim Reynolds call.

Rich Hardin pitched a hell of a game, fanning 10 and giving up only 3 runs and 2 runs (96 pitches).
Braden Looper also pitched a solid game going 5 innings and giving up only 1 run. He did cough up 5 hits.
*Chicago out hit Milwaukee 9-4. Milwaukee batters also struck out 11 times.
*Rickie Weeks also had a game saving web gem in the 9th. He was able to catch a liner that would have easily score a run.

Miller Park is a pretty challenging park to play a 3 o'clock game.

Story on the clubs late (early morning) arrival back to Mitchell Airport and the insane fans that lined up 2 hours before the parking lot gates even opened.

The Brewers are the fifth most affordable ball club. For a family of four to go to the park, it would cost $147.00, compared to $197.00 (league average). Thank you Yankee pricks for driving up that average.

Jeff Skiles, deservedly threw out the first pitch for the home opener. He was the co-pilot (who gets little credit) who landed the plane in the hudson river. Hero.

2008 NL ROY is doubtful for this weekend series. Good news for Milwaukee's pitchers. Geovany Soto is a stud.

Yea (sarcasim ensues), the new Brewer fan shop is open. You can buy designer made handbags with Brewer logos on it. Because the only ones who would actually buy this item is some obnoxious 23 year old "woman" who probably will pass out in her seat by the 4th inning....or just pass out in the parking lot at her car.

Lastly, I was at Target on Miller Park Way last night with my wife Kelly. We were checking out and I looked who was behind us in was none other than Carlos Villanueva. He was dressed in trendy Ed Hardy garb and he was buying a blanket, pillow, and some other items. He probably was going to shack up with a teammate or friend for the weekend or just rented a condo. I said, "Great game tonight" and he nodded. I then carried on my way as he did too.

"You can't ask for anything more than Rickie gives," McClung said. "He gets here early and works so hard. Nobody deserves it more.

"I just know it's going to come together for him. It might be happening right now."

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