Saturday, April 25, 2009

Crew Opens Up On Astros

Yovanni Gallardo pitched another fantastic game against the Astros last night. Yo notched his first complete game in his professional career; a feat he hasn't accomplished since high school.

In front of 25 family members and his home state (lived shortly in Mexico as well), Yo allowed 2 runs on 5 hits. Although Houston stud Lance Berkman (I believe him to be gay) is in a season opening slump, Yo was able to strike him out 3 times. Most important, Gallardo didn't have a single walk. It's looking like the pitching staff has saved Billy Castro's job over the past few games.

*Yo faced 18 batters to get the final 17 outs....think about that for a minute.

Weeks belted his third homerun of the season. He looked equally impressive defending secondbase.

Every Brewer except Bill Hall had a hit last night. Cameron (.315) doubled and JJ Hardy was 3 for 4. Ryan Braun (.328) also stayed hot with a hit and was struck by a pitch.

Cecil Cooper said Mike Cameron's collision at home plate with Humberto Quintero was a clean hit. Man, that was some scary shit. That was one of the worse collisions I have ever seen.
Houston newspaper take on the Astros effort last night.
Cole Hammel's arm is still in a sling since Thursday.
The T-Rats defeated the Peorio Chiefs last night, 5-3 at Miller Park. They drew over 17,000 fans. Brett Lawrie and Cutter Dykstra were on display. I think a lot of us forget just how talented Cutter is. The kid can flat out hit. He and Brett are 19 years old.
The Cubs are in a slump and they are hurting. I love it. I despise this Ffaakjqewfo 'n team.

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