Thursday, July 9, 2009

Brewers-Cardinals: rubber match today

Well, it's been bumpy ride the last couple of weeks. However, Milwaukee has still remained a game out of first place with last night's win over the Cardinals. Thanks impart to Prince Fielder who's hustle beat-out an infield hit, thus making way for the go-ahead run.

Tuesday's game was horrible. But let's face it....Wainwright is a Brewer killer. As a result, the Crew mustered together only a couple of hits and scored no runs. They stranded a butt load of base runners too.

Yovanni earned the loss and dropped to 8-6 on the year. Wainwright is now 9-5.

In last night's game Jeff Suppan pitched another solid game against his old teammates. Granted, he did give up the only (4) runs of the game. But that's a given, Soup will always give up 3 to 4 runs and it's the offenses' job to get back in to it. The thing that sucks about that is....well....the offense has to do that every game. Jeff Suppan lasted 5 2/3 innings last night, striking out only 2 batters and walking 4. Is it just me...or are the Brewers' pitchers walks starting to rise again. I hope this isn't a returning problem. Yo had averaged a walk an inning on Tuesday.

Trevor Hoffman gave up a lead-off double, but still held on for his 19th save. Mitch Stetter also stranded an inherited base-runner...doing what he does best.

Mat Gamel blasted his 3 HR of the season, finally putting the Crew on the board. He also played some solid defense, aside from his one mess-up when he fielded that in-field hit and didn't toss it to 2B. He also made a premature decision in picking up a rolling bunt down the 3B line that may/could've rolled foul. But heh, the guy fielded some hard hitting grounders and made some key plays.
Ryan Braun went 2-4 with a double
Craig Counsell, who was the go-ahead run also tallied a clutch double.

-Manny Parra will start in today's game. To make room for him, Chris Narveson is being sent back down to Nashville. You can expect to see Mike Burns sent down when Dave Bush comes back next week Thursday in Cincy.

-Should Milwaukee make a run at Roy Halladay? In turn, giving up Escobar or Gamel along with another high-end prospect? Why not? With the Milwaukee Brewers, you need to live in the You can't constantly be looking 2-3 years down the road. You ride momentun when you're a "small market" team. Here's my spiel: Trade JJ Hardy and Brett Lawrie for Doc Halladay. Lawrie is young enough where the Blue Jays can mold him in to a whatever position they want. Toronto is in CANADA...where Lawrie is from. Stick with Escobar and bring him up in JJ's place. You could also platoon Counsell and Escobar until he gets the hang of it. If the Lawrie and Escobar aren't enough, why not explore other options in Salome? Kendall isn't going anywhere...anytime soon and Mike Rivera is a solid back-up who can step in to the starting role. Halladay in under contract through 2010 @ 14.25MM this season, and 15.25MM next season. Sheboygan Press says that Milwaukee could then unload him if he's too expensive for next year or keep him, thus putting Yo in his place at the #2 spot. Sounds good on paper. But is it worth giving up a JJ or Escobar? For me, I'm cool with JJ getting packaged.

-Cool story on how the Brewers have "invigorated" the Appleton's minor-league team.

-Great news! Another Cubbie is heading to the DL. Typically, I feel bad for those who are injured...but it's the Cub's. And I f$(*#(@'n hate the Cubs. Ryan Dempster has a tear in his wrist....which is quite similar to what Rickie Weeks endured....hmmmm. Trenie pointed that out on her Twitter page. Stupid Twitter....good for something finally!

-Bushy will start Friday up in Appleton for the Timber Rattlers, pitching 4 innings. Nice treat for the Baby Brewers.

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