Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fun game to watch

I had a good time watching the Crew pull a fast-one on the Mets. Granted, I was worried when I saw Mike Burns (1-1) give up a 2-run shot to David Wright in the first inning. However, after that low point Burns was spot-on and rocked through 6 and 2/3 innings to earn his first career win! He gave up 2 runs on 5 hits, only 1 walk and 2 k's.
The most entertaining moment of the night was a 3-run double that Ryan Braun had. He lifted a shot in to leftfield, out of Gary Sheffield's (boooo) reach. The bases cleared and Braun rounded 3B when he noticed that the ball dropped out of the Schneider's hands at home plate. He decided to retreat to 3B when he saw Johan Santana throwing the ball. It sailed over the covering 3B and Braun trotted in for a 3-rbi double (inside the park, but it was an error). This is the second time in one week where a Brewer scored on his own hit (Corey Hart did previously).
Prince Fielder launched his 20th HR of the season.
Hart and Hardy are really starting to come out of their slumps. It's been mainly JJ Hardy who's been tested the most in the 2009 season. He started off in April with a .156 average, and then .333 in May. He then dipped again and is now hitting .313 over the past 12 games. MORE on JJ heating up.

Mike Cameron continues his month-long slump. This is to be expected, same thing happened last year. He's good for it.

-Mat Gamel looks like he's heading back down to Nashville. He's been on the bench the past 5 out of 6 games. Mainly due to left-handed batters. Casey McGehee has been making this decision a no-brainer for Melvin and Ash.

24th Round Pick Peter Fatse is on the up and up, now playing with the T-Rats after a brief stint in rookie ball.

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