Thursday, July 23, 2009

Off Day

Good News: Brewers are off today, Lopez gets to rest his hammie, and the Crew will try to forget the embarrassment they sufferred in Pittsburgh.

Bad News: Milwaukee still doesn't have a starting pitcher announced for next Tuesday's game....and the trade market is looking dimal, or that's what Doug Melvin will have you believe.

Milwaukee lost the the Pirates yesterday 8-7, thanks impart to Mitch Stetter giving up a walk-off HR. The Crew gave up 5 HR's in the game, 4 of which was given up by Soup.

The Houston Astros are now the hottest team in the NL Central. It's a log jam at the top, with St Louis have a 1 game lead over the Cubs and Astros. Milwaukee is 2 games back. Thankfully, Milwaukee has the easiest schedule of the 4 coming down the stretch. Does that mean anything? See: this past series.

The Brewers purchased a human being. Literally. They bought Brandon Kintzler from the St. Paul Saints (independent league). He was drafted by the Padres in 2004 and pitched only 2 seasons before leaving for Winnipeg in the Northern League (ind.). Milwaukee did the same thing last year at about this time when they purchased ___________ from the St. Paul Saints. I just can't remember his name.

Swell story on Brad Nelson, the ex-Brewer who is now playing in the Mariners' organization. It appears they are playing him at 1B more than any other position. I wish that guy luck. He went 0-24 (I think) and just didn't catch on. He is a beast though.

More and More smoke on Brewers being considered as a major player for Doc Hallady or Cliff Lee.

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