Thursday, July 16, 2009

Here we go!

Some guy named "Jervey" posted THIS link on a Brewers' story over on It's a Seattle Mariner blog that draws a lot of hits, by the looks of it.

(Please Read the story that's linked)
Wouldn't this work for both sides? The author of this post raises some good points in Melvin trading JJ Hardy for Erik Bedard & Jarrod Washburn (La Crosse native, 34 years-old). The part I don't get is that Washburn & Bedard are both LHP's who would fill a pretty big void in their rotation. Apparently they have a decent pitcher Ryan Rowland-Smith (AAA) and Brandon Morrow who could fill in. Not to mention Jack Z could find a pitcher in the off season. Both Bedard & Washburn are free agents at the end of the year....while JJ Hardy will be a free agent 2010-2011.

I don't know what to think about with this one. JJ is probably worth the highest he'll ever be, with Escobar waiting to get the call. Once that happens, all other teams will know that Melvin will give him up for much less, because he has order to make room to bring up Escobar...which is inevitable. Why not do it now and start working on a long-term contract with Escobar RIGHT AWAY?!?!?! The likelihood of keep Bedard are slim....but Washbun is 34 and will be 35 in the off-season. That's not a spring chicken anymore. However, with pitchers, they can often last until their low-40's (age).

Milwaukee should do it. They need to move 1 one of 2 players in Corey Hart and JJ Hardy.

If this did happen....

1. Gallardo
2. Bedard
3. Looper
4. Washburn
5. Suppan/Bush


1. Gallardo
2. Bedard
3. Looper / Suppan
4. Washburn

This looks good on paper.

Here's a Seattle Times post on other Mariners' targets. Jack Z and Melvin can surely work together and help improve each other's clubs.

-With news coming out of Huntsville this morning that Dave Bush got roughed up in last nights start, this deal seems to make more and more sense. We have no idea what Bush and Parra will be like the remainder of the season. Especially Parra. He's unproven this season and his mind could (yet again) start playing tricks on him. With's all mental....something you can't fix easily. Mechanics is something that you simply hash out.

-Milwaukee will travel to Cincinnati today to take on the Reds in a division show-down. The Reds are in 4th place and 5 games behind the Cardinals.
Braden Looper (7-4, 4.92) will take to the mound versus (RHP) Homer Bailey (1-0, 5.16).


  1. Maybe it was Travis Jervey. I don't think this has any chance of happening. 2 starting pitchers for a shortstop who hits around .270? And aren't they both left handed pitchers making them even more valuable? I would be fine with just Bedard for Hardy if they would even take that.

  2. Why not? They are getting a solid SS in Hardy, which they need. Hardy is locked up for another year. By then, the M's will be able to free up some money by not having to pay Bedard or Washburn.

    Jack Z has to deliver results...he can't just look to "rebuild for the future". They have to win in the mean time...which they are...they're 4 games above .500 I think.

    Jack Z could get immediate results in JJ Hardy, dump the salaries, and still have two solid pitchers in the minors who can (and have in the past) be summoned. One of which is a lefty. Do they really need two lefties in the AL West?

    Bedard isn't enough JJ Hardy. And the last time I checked, there's a shortage of SS's in the league. Not to mention the bond that Jack and Doug have....they were lovers at one time...they could say I'll scratch you back can scratch mine next season...or a "you owe me one" type deal that is under the table. Think outside the box you 'tard.