Tuesday, July 7, 2009


HERE is a neat little story by Baseball America about future call-ups to look for in the second half of the season. Alcides Escobar is listed at #2. How long with Macha & Melvin give JJ to snap out of this slump? Granted, he's been hitting pretty decent as of late...but Hardy would make great trade-bait w/ Cory Hart.

This D-Bag predicts the Cubs to wake-up and take the NL Central.

Huntsville is at risk of losing their AA team in the Milwaukee farm system. Their attendance is near the bottom of the league and Gord Ash is threatening to move the team. Where to? Hmmm....

Lambeau Field and Miller Park rank in the top 10 for best fan "experience". Lambeau was first and Miller Park was 7th. Remember last a year ago or so, when Sports Illustrated ranked Miller Park the second-best place (behind Jacobs Field) to watch a MLB game?

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