Sunday, July 19, 2009

Felipe Lopez traded to Milwaukee!

Great news today...despite the loss (thank McClunk). Felipe Lopez was traded to Milwaukee today! In return, Arizona gets a promising fielder in Cole Gillespie and Roque Mercedes (single-A).

With Casey McGehee knee-problems and Counsell playing much better in a platoon rotation....Melvin couldn't pass on the speedy lead-off hitter the Crew has been desperately seeking. In addition to his .301 average and 18 doubles, they also land a switch hitter. His OBP ranks him #2 in the NL at .372.

This will probably put McGehee in the outfield and Gerut will probably be on his way out. Casey has struggled at 3B and has been decent at 2B.

This is huge. It's just too bad Milwaukee couldn't land Doug Davis, who is now possibly looking at an extension in AZ. Melvin must know something that we don't in Bushs' DL stint. With Parra throwing well and Bush on the mend, I guess he may not go after a pitcher afterall.

In todays Phoenix newspaper, there was a story about possible trade rumors involving Lopez....gotta love the irony. He is getting paid 3.5MM this year on a one-year contract.

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