Thursday, July 30, 2009

Trying to salvage a series-split today

Milwaukee lost Tuesday night to the rechid Nationals.

Thankfully, they pulled of a surprising, come-from-behind win against the worst team in baseball. I don't care at this point...I'm just happy they won. I will worry about the under-lying fact that they shouldn't even be sweating this team.
It all started the first-pitch being thrown out by Casey McGehee's special-needs son who suffers from Cerebal Palsey. The young boy walked out on to the field with his walker alongside Prince and Dad. He then made the toss to his with assistance from Prince Fielder. Pretty touching. I have 2 sons and I can only imagine how proud Casey was and how excited his son was. It brought the chills!

Call it what you want...but it might have been exactly what the Crew needed. A sort of emotional-lifter that didn't actually kick in until after they fell 4 runs behind.
It was Dad that came through to put the Brewers ahead, finally, with a 2-run pinch hit HR. It was a line-drive blast to Left-Center field. Oddly enough, I knew he was going to crush the ball. I just didn't think he would go yard.

On a day where most teams were wheeling and dealing, Milwaukee stood stationary. Thanks impart to them losing 16 of 23 games, you can't really blame Doug for sitting on his hands. Thankfully, they have one more game today to prove to Melvin that they are worth making a deal over.
-A Ryan Braun HR was overturned thanks impart to instant replay. That makes it 5 times where HR's were overturned involving the Crew, one one side or the other.
-Rumor has it that Milwaukee is targetting RHP Kevin Correia from the Padres. I can see why. Carlos Villanueva was announced as the starter for Sunday's game. If they land Correia, he can simpy switch uniforms and pitch for the Brewers. His ERA is nothing to write home to mom about at 4.75 and a 7-8 record. The only plus-side to Kevin is that he is only owed 250k more this season. Milwaukee wouldn't have to give up much for a "B" type player. Anyone is better than Villy.....and yes....Tim Dillard is far better than Carlos. MORE HERE on Correia.

-Hardy plays-on as the rumors swirl...
The dude is finally starting to heat up...just a little too late. He will have, yet another, 20+ HR season. Not bad for a SS.

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