Monday, July 6, 2009

Brewers escape Chicago....with one win

What an ugly, pathetic series to listen to over the radio. Having been up north since Thursday morning, I was able to avoid watching this train wreck of a series.

Where to begin. Well, for starters the Milwaukee Brewers were out played in ever facet of the series. From coaching to pitching to fielding to hitting. Milwaukee looked awful. Aside from it's kickass performance on Saturday, the Crew looked overmatched in every way.

Ryan Braun put it best.....Milwaukee needs to add another pitcher. Imagine, if the Milwaukee would add one left-handed pitcher....Manny Para would be sent to the pen and could make spot starts for the remainder of the season. Bush would be back (after the AS break) and suddenly the rotation would be back to "average", which may just be enough in the competitive NL Central. Let's face it, Chicago has the best rotation, but their bats are all jacked up right now. I do fear the day that they come alive and match the level of skill that their starters are shelling out.

No need to write more on this mess of a weekend. Let's just say this...Milwaukee came one bad call away from potentially splitting the series. Had the joke of a call (ball thrown by DeFelice) been called a strike, I wouldn't be surprised if Milwaukee escaped with a win. Wishful thinking though.

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