Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pirates finally snap losing streak to the Brewers

I wasn't able to catch most of the game last night. With rain-delay and the fact that I was dead tired prevented me from watching it past the 6th inning.

Here's what I know from today's paper.....

Milwaukee lost 8-5

Felipe Lopez reached base 5 times...but also got tagged out twice after making stupid baserunning decisions

Both teams cleared their benches in the 8th inning after Chris Smith beamed Jeff Karstens. Jason Kendall got in to it with Karstens and then with the Pittsburgh pitching coach Joe Kerrigan. After the game when Kendall was asked about the melay, he kept referring to him as "Dave Kerwin". The media even pointed out to him that his name was Joe Kerrigan....but he still referred to him as "Dave Kerwin". Hilarious. Kendall isn't one to be too cocky or arrogant. So for him to get in anyone's face seemed to tell you that he was sticking up for his young pitcher no matter what.

Both benches and bullpens quickly cleared but not much more than some screaming and shoving took place and nobody was ejected. Kendall got into a shouting match with Pirates pitching coach Joe Kerrigan, whom Kendall repeatedly called by the wrong name after the game despite being told of his real name.
"I was OK until Dave Kerwin started yelling at me," said Kendall, who ignored the correction. "I'm not going to get yelled at. He started yelling at me and . . . I'm OK until someone starts yelling at me.
"I don't know why (he was yelling). Dave Kerwin? I don't know why."

-Mike Burns pretty much sucked last night. I guess you could blame the 2 hour rain delay, having to get all warmed up only to sit in the club house for 2 hours. Regardless, he lost the game for the Crew right away in the 1st inning. It didn't help in seeing JJ Hardy bobble yet-another routine grounder that could have been turned in to a double-play...instead, it scored a run and left the bases loaded.
He lasted a piss-poor 3 innings, giving up 6 runs on 6 hits (4 earned).

-The only good news about last night, in addition to Lopez, was Carlos Villanueva who bounced back from a horrible month. He last 3 innings and gave up only one mistake, which was a HR. He went 3 innings and gave up only 3 hits and a walk.

-So...it's looking like a win-one, lose-one type middle of the season. The Crew can't put together a win streak. The last one they had was when they swept the Indians more than a month ago!

-The rumor mill is running wild with talk of Halladay. I too have a feeling that Milwaukee is one of the few teams who have the ingredients to pull off a trade....no question about it. But the thing that could kill it all? Is Doc Halladay and his no-trade clause. It wasn't until yesterday did I feel that Milwaukee may not get him afterall. He wants a team who's a contender and trains in Florida so that he can be close to his home. Not to mention, I read a few months ago that he doesn't want to bat....so that's a strike against NL teams.

Rightfieldbleachers.com takes a pretty good look at it HERE. They mention JJ Hardy as part of the deal. Good points, but I don't see JJ and his piss-poor .229 batting average making much of an impact. Although those number are slowly starting to climb....and he has proven that he can hit 20+ HR's.....well.....

MLBtraderumors.com is the website that really plays with my emotions. In the 2+ years that I've been reading that site....they have broken my heart far too many times. Every time I read someting on there about the Crew...I get all gitty like a school boy....(wait, what?)....only to get crushed minutes later with one of their updates. HERE's the thread of updates to Roy Halladay.

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