Friday, July 17, 2009

Look mom, the other Brewers' can hit too!

Finally, Brewers' fans were able to catch a glimpse of Milwaukee's surrounding cast-members contribute! It was a pleasant experience watching last night's game.

JJ Hardy had two hits and 3 RBI's
Prince hit his 23rd HR
Jason Kendall had 2 hits and an RBI
Braun went 1 for 4 (ugh) w/ a walk (yea!)
Corey Hart also added 2 hits

So...this could be a good sign of things to come. JJ Hardy credited his good game to the All Star break....and finally being able to go fishing to clear his head.

Braden Looper pitched a solid 5 1/3 innings last night striking out 4, walking 5 (booo), and giving up 3 runs on 7 hits...which is below is ERA. He also had a career-night at the plate! Looper had 3 hits and an RBI. Prior to last night, dude had 3 hits the entire season.

-How is it that Jay Bruce was only batting .217 (if my memory serves me) with 18 HR's before he broke his wrist? That's insane. They are going to be a scary team to face next season. Joey Voto and Jay Bruce will have one more year of experience under their belts and Homer Bailey will probably turn-out to be a hell of a hurler. Throw in Brandon Phillips as the veteran-leader....viola! You have a decent team. Good rotation too!

-I mentioned yesterday, Dave Bush is still suffering from shoulder fatigue...could be a serious concern to the Brewers staff. Mike Burns will get Monday's nod. I like this idea. Let Burnsy pitch against the Pirates and earn another win. Hopefully the offense will be there to back him up.

-The Cubs won last night 6-2 against the piss poor Nats. I would anticipate them pulling off a 4-game sweep of the Nationals. If Milwaukee drops one against the Reds, we will have a tie for 2nd; depending on the could be a three-way tie for first place.

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