Monday, July 6, 2009

Brewers inquire about Vazquez

ESPN is reporting that Melvin has called the Braves regarding coveted starting pitcher Javier Vazquez. T.H from JSonline counters this story by mentioning that there is no ideal match, because A. Escobar and Gamel are off limits.

Other ideas:

Buster mentions Corey Hart as a target of Atlanta's.

Hart for Vazquez? I love it. But it doesn't seem like Atlanta would come out even in this trade.


Oh...and of course....Melvin denies that the two sides ever spoke...

HERE's another idea.....Halladay would be a great fit in this idea too far fetched?

Corey Hart's name has surfaced quite a bit in trade rumors. I would love it if Milwaukee could find a taker. Granted, he's only batting .250 or so, but he was an All Star last season and he WILL come out of this slump. Last time I checked, Atlanta was 2 games out and about to take on the Chicago Cubs. I forsee the Cubs winning this series, thus leaving Atlanta to play Colorado before the AS break. At that time, in the NL East the Braves will appear to be out of it for the time being, thus making them sellers. Of course, Hart would have to be packaged with a "player to be named later" or a second-rate prospect like Vinny Rottino.

If Hart were to leave, McGehee would then move to the OF on a permanent basis. Casey isn't the best infielder and would do better in rightfield. Gamel would then start everyday at 3B and Hall would then have to platoon with Counsell at 2B (ugh, not appealing). Gerut and Frank could then be used as outfield warm-up tossers in-between innings.

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