Monday, April 4, 2011

0-2: Marcum is no Marksmen...yet

Holy balls, Milwaukee was out of this game from the very start. Shawn Marcum was pretty far off in his Brewers debut. His first 3 innings were horrible and hard to watch. Folks all across the Badger state couldn't help but wonder if this was Jeff Suppan.2 unfolding before our eyes. That being said, he actually settled in and looked decent the last 1 and 2/3's innings.

Marcum walked Johnny Gomes with 4 straight pitches, thus matching his career- high for walks (5). He opened the game with a walk and had he fell behind every batter in the first 2 innings. It was a horrible sight, or sound, because the stupid game wasn't on tv.

So....was it lingering shoulder tightness that he suffered from this spring? Did he force this start? I mean, Brewer fans across the land (or state of the matter) would have been ready to throw in the towell if both Greinke & Marcum were both put on the DL to start the season. Time will tell if this is a shoulder issue, because Marcum can paint the strikezone's corners like nobody's business. He doesn't have overwelming heat, he's on-point. But Saturday night he was nothing of the sorts.

Prince Fielder recorded 2 hits while Erick Almonte his his 2nd career HR, 8 years to the day since he hit his first. Week's went o'fer.

All in all it was a hard game to stomach.

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