Monday, April 18, 2011

7-7/7-8: Milwaukee gets swept out of DC

What a bunch of ugly games by the Brewers. If it wasn't Yovanni Gallarado getting blasted out of the park, it was the effortless offense the Crew deployed. All in all, these 2 games were miserable. I noticed that the Brewers have been flat when Nyjer Morgan hasn't played. Granted, this controlled experiment only considers the last 3 games. But you can't help but notice it. Wouldn't it be nice if the Brewers some how had the number of prospects to make a trade to land Jose Reyes on a rental basis for the second half of the season? It's never going to happen, we all know. The cupboards are dry. Tom Haudricourt discusses the 2005 Draft, which is probably one of the best in recent memory. Read those top 5 picks! Why haven't we seen Morgan in the field? Because he's been limited due to a deep thigh bruise that he suffered when he ran in to Doummit during the Pirates series. Although, I was reading his twitter posts and I don't recall him saying anything about the matter. In fact, he's been (jokingly) ripping on Ron Roenicke because he hasn't been in the line-up for the Friday game. Is it a thigh bruise or punishment for something? That was a nasy collision at home plate, but why are we just hearing about this yesterday? The Erick Almonte experience should be done and over with. For the love of God, he is horrible in RF and looked like a wounded goat when he slid for that attempted catch yesterday. Oh man this guy is very slow. Likewise with Craig Counsell and his loan crappy hit of the season. Throw in the elderly Kotsay and we have a bunch of senior citizens who are duds. Granted, Corey Hart is starting his rehab assignment tomorrow and should be back by the end of the week. LaTroy Hawkins is coming back later this week....

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