Monday, April 25, 2011

11-10: Miller Park Hawk debuts

I was unable to watch or even listen to most of the game yesterday because of the Easter day festivities with the family. But I was able to tune in the final 3 innings to enjoy Milwaukee capping off a 4-1 win and a John Axford save on "John Axford Bobble Head Day". So I was thankful for that.

Brandon Boggs had an excellent day for his first start in a Milwaukee uniform. It's nice to see some productivity in RF (aside from Morgan's play and Kotsay's Friday game). He hit a homerun and started off the day in a nice fashion!

Carlos Gomez continued his solid play this series with a 3-hit game. Weeks added a pair of hits, freshly coming off a day of rest after he sprained his pinkie sliding in to 2b on friday night. Prince Fielder added a double while Ryan Braun continued his consecutive streak of reaching base.

Most impressive was Randy Wolf and his gem of a game. He finished 8 complete and gave up only 4 hits and an earned run. Want to hear something crazy? Randy Wolf has been the best pitcher in the rotation to date. You could actually argue that Yovani Gallardo is the like the 4th best pitcher right now, while Narveson and Marcum (even Estrada) have been playing lights out. This is nice to see with Greinke out. In fact, I probably wouldn't be shocked if Zack came back the 2nd week of May. His uneventfull rehab start yesterday was blah.

What stole the show yesterday? Well, a damn city Hawk got trapped in the park when the roof closed. This huge, angry looking bird put on quite the show for the park and even pummeled a pigeon!

He know has a twitter page too! MillerParkHawk~~~!

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