Monday, April 4, 2011

0-4: Saito blows lead

The Crew can't catch a break when it comes to their newly acquired players. First it was Zack Greinke who let the entire state down with his news of him cracking a rib playing basketball. Then Shawn Marcum experiences shoulder tightness in spring training and flops in his first 2 innings of being a Brewer. Now we have Takashi Saito, the reliever Milwaukee picked up from Atlanta to take the place of Trevor Hoffman (and LaTroy Hawkins' old ass). He gives up a game winning HR to Martin Prado in the 7th inning. It's going to happen, all pitchers have their ups and downs, but now? Most frustrating is Carlos Gomez. Yet again, he failed to reach base and struck out twice (once chasing a ball). So the Carlos.2 experiment is off to a horrible start (aside from his HR). It's early, we all know that, but one can't help but remember last season and his time in NYC and Minneapolis. Rickie Weeks crushed his 3rd homerun of the season in the 3rd inning. Sadly enough, Yunesky Bentacourt (double and a single) and Ryan Braun's single was the only offense Milwaukee could muster. Chris Narveson was spectacular. Honestly, this was probably one of his best outings of his career. He took a 3-hit shut 6 complete innings before being prematurely yanked by Ron Roenicke. Narveson only had 98 pitches in 6 innings, so one can't help but wonder why he was pulled. Prince Fielder....wake up please....this is a contract year for you. The only cool news? Ryan Grant of the Packers was stranded in NYC and was scheduled to help throw the first pitch. READ HERE. He ended up paying for a private jet to make the game in time.

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