Friday, April 8, 2011

The I-94 Series

Starting tonight, the Chicago Cubs will be traveling 83 minutes north up I-94 to Miller Park to take on the Milwaukee Brewers. This relatively new rival (14 years) has taken center stage in the NL Central and is growing more and more popular for MLB (center stage with Cubs-Cardinals rivalry). The teams first played each other on June 15th, 1998 at Wrigley. Prior to Milwaukee's switching to the National League, the I-94 Series was the match up between the Twins & Brewers. For many, it still is. Not for this guy. The Cub-Brewers rivalry is heated and typically, the two teams dislike each other. Granted, the Cardinals and Crew hate each other as well. But it's the Cubs that have finished higher than the Brewers in the Central (aside from last season).

*Chicago leads the series 107 - 95*

It doesn't help the love loss when the only home team to record a no-hitter in Miller Park was the Cubs. It was only 2 seasons ago when Carlos Zombrano recorded that no-hitter in September 2009. That really stings.... But hey, that's what happens when your team hasn't had a solid starting rotation in the past 25+ years. Sure we had Sheets & CC, but that was short lived and Ben never even played in the post season that year (2008).

Meanwhile, you have the filthy Cubs. A team that is old as dirt, yet haven't won the World Series since 1908. The last time they made it to the big show was in 1945...just when World War II was ending. I realize that Milwaukee doesn't have much to hang their hat on either...but the Milwaukee franchise has only been around 42 years. While the Cubbies haven't won a world series in 103 years. So Milwaukee has time to make a bigger impact.

During most (if not all) of the rivalry, Cub fans have been taking over Milwaukee and calling it "Wrigley North". Although in recent years, the mix of fans have been 60/40 Cub fans to Milwaukee and a couple of games that were 50/50. But it's true, Chicago fans have literally taken over the park. But that's about to CHANGE.

Tonight pits the Brewers southpaw Randy Wolf, who is winless against the Cubs in a Brewers uniform, against Carlos Zambrano...the hot head who had the no-no at Miller Park. GO BREWERS!

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