Wednesday, April 20, 2011

9-8: Brewers Rock Doc / Milwaukee's is in 1st Place!

How many times in the past would we absolutely go crazy in anger when the Milwaukee had to play Philly? We had every right, they usually have Milwaukee's number. I absolutely despise Philly, ever since they beat the Crew in September of 2008 and then of course when they eliminated them in the NLDS a month later. They're teams bank roll continues to swell and they have, arguably, the best rotation in the history of the game. However, Milwaukee became the first team of the season to beat Philly in a series!

The 2010 Cy Young winner who tossed a no-hitter during the NLDS last season took to the mound against the potent Brewers' offense....and he failed. Milwaukee got to Doc right away and didn't let up by collecting 6 runs on 10 hits in 6.2 innings of play. How about that!

Sadly for Philly, their bullpen dropped the ball even more by allowing 6 more runs.

Randy Wolf tossed 6 shut-out innings, giving up only 2 hits and fanning 5. Add those shut out innings up all-together and Wolf accounts for 12.2 for this three city roadtrip.

Even more impressive? That would be Carlos Gomez and Ryan Braun's full-out sprints to glove hard hit balls in the gaps (zing!). Braun had a backhanded grab in the LF corner while Gomez snagged his in Center-Right. Probably the funniest thing about Gomezs' catch was his reaction afterwards; MLB TV's Bob Costas commented on the play and Carlos being extremely happy for himself, which was apparent when he raised his hand to the sky and hurled in the ball to Rickie Weeks. You could tell he was pumped up. It's nice to see that excitement in CF. Mike Cameron would've never run down a hit like that, and that's no knock on Cam.

Casey McGahee hit a 3-run homer RIGHT after Doc exited the game in the 7th inning, which was a doosey for Philly.

Prince Fielder recorded 3 hits and RBI while Ryan Braun had 2 RBI.

Green, Braddock, and newly arrived McClendon all tossed scoreless frames with no strike outs and only 1 walk.

Erick Almonte is getting ANOTHER chance in RF for today's noon (eastern) game.

Axford was on the morning MLB Radio show today w/ Ron Dibble (Sirius Radio). Seemed pretty positive about the blown save. Again, look around the league people. Closers are having a huge problem earning that Save. Look at Mariano Rivera in last night's game against the Blue Jays. It's not too often you see him allowing 2 runs.

Now that Cory Hart is joining the line-up on Sunday (0-2 in minor league rehab last night) and Zack Greinke coasting through his first rehab assignment down in Florida where he threw 35 pitches, Milwaukee should have all their pieces back together. Greinke threw 27 strikes of the 35 pitches and gave up only one infield single. This is positive news, as there hasn't been any set-backs thus far in both Hart & Greinke's rehabs. Aside from Saito (just put on the DL this past weekend) and Nyjer Morgan (thigh is loosening up, he claims), Milwaukee will be ready to go for their next homestand this coming weekend and into the the work week. They then go on the road April 29th-May 8th (Houston, ATL, STL). Of course Greinke will still have 2 more rehab games to throw.

My point is this, Greinke will be back in time for the Atlanta series (4 game-series) at Miller Park and then pitch May 9th against the Padres, who's offense is the worst in the league. So we will get to see Greinke pitch against the best in Atlanta (one of the best) and the worse in the Padres. If he has a rough outing, like most do when they come off the DL (see Ubaldo, last night) Zack could bounce back against the vulnerable San Diego lineup....a confidence booster if you will.

Another good thing is that Carlos & Nyjer will platoon CF. This will push them to do marvelous things at the plate and out in the field. They will rise to the challenge, especially Carlos. He needs that constant threat of someone trying to take his job away!

MORE on last night's win...From the Canadian point of view...

Milwaukee and Minnesota were the only teams in the BIGS that had yet to score more than 6 runs in a game. Well, that now leaves you Minnesota.

Milwaukee has 4 shut-outs this season, ALREADY, with out Greinke in the rotation.

Milwaukee is 2nd in the league for Quality Starts

Craig Counsell, 40, made his first career appearance in the outfield last night (resting Braun).


  1. Why should I look around the league at the other closers??? The fact is Axford has blown all of spring training and April. Why do you continue to defend him? Your past post never defended hoffman, gagne or turnbull. I sense a mancrush!