Friday, April 15, 2011

7-5: Wolf's Turn

Man, Milwaukee is on fire right now! Here we are 12 weeks in to the season and Prince Fielder already has 15 runs-batted-in and is hitting .372; while Ryan Braun has 8 rbi's and is carries a .325 batting average. If Braunie & Fielder are dialed in at the same time, which they haven't been since 2008, we can expect big things. In addition to that piece, the rotatin is off to their best start far as I can remember.

Randy Wolf went 6.2 innings and he recorded his 1st win of the season. He was lights-out last night striking out 10 and only walking 2 while giving up a lowly 2 hits. Now that's impressive. Granted, it's against the horrific Pirates...who are flat-out bad.

Fielder, Morgan, and Bentancourt all drove in runs. Tony Plus/Nyjer Morgan almost tacked on another triple when he hit a bouncer down the RF line, but he stumbled while rounding 2B and fell, thus leading to him getting tagged out. It was laughable though, at least for Plush and me....he did drive in a run and added to the cushioned lead.

The bullpen was on-point again, however Axford struggled a bit when he walked the bases loaded and then threw a curver in to the dirt....Lucroy tried to block it and it bounced to the backstop, which resulted in the loan run of the night for the Pirates. It was Lucroy's fault, but Milwaukee shouldn't have been in that situation in the first place. Ax did bounce back right away and struck out Alvarez.

The Crew will have the luxury of playing the Pirates again in May but then also 3 more series during the last 2 months of the season (along with the double header on Aug 22).

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