Thursday, April 28, 2011

Brewers set-off on a 10 game road trip

The Brewers should take advantage of their day-off today because they are in for a lengthy road trip down south. Milwaukee's first stop is in Houston to take play them for the 2nd time already this season. It seems like every year it's the Astros that the Brewers play twice right away. After that 3 game series they travel Northeast to Atlanta to. You will probably notice that Milwaukee took both series' against Houston & Atlanta earlier this month. So hopefully, Milwaukee can at least finish April out with 1+ .500. Because they have quite the gauntlet ahead of them with the 1st place Cardinals before they return home.

Next month will be a well-balanced schedule of very-easy teams like the Padres & Pirates (8 games total). But then they play Atlanta, St. Louis, Colorado, Cincy, San Fran, LA, and the Nationals in no particular order listed. Brewers need to take advantage of their 15 home games (13 on the road) and against teams like the Pirates, Nationals, and Padres if they want to escape May with a winning record. Because the following month of June is going to be a bitch.

June consists of only 12 home games and 15 on the road. But most worrisome is the fact that they play the brunt of the inter-league games against the AL East. The murderers row consists of the Yankees & Red Sox (away), Rays & Twins (home), in addition to divisional rivals the Reds, Cards and Cubs (4 game series). So knock out May with a winning record and hope for the best in June. I can see them beating the Rays and Red Sox, which by the way...would be sweet revenge. The last time Milwaukee played the Red Sox was back in 2008 and they got swept. They haven't played the Yankees since 2005 when Randy Johnson was still on the mound for the Yankees. I was at that game when the Brewers beat them 1 out of the 3 games.

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