Monday, April 4, 2011

0-3: Milwaukee swept out the door

Ugh...that's really all I can say right now. What a lack-luster effort by Milwaukee's pitching this opening series. When all is said and done, I can't believe I'm looking forward to Chris Narveson pitching today. Randy Wolf went back to his 2010's first half ways by sucking it up big time. This shouldn't come as a shocker, since he was piss poor this spring. Rickie Weeks & Ryan Braun both homered for their second dinger of the year. Probably most discouraging was Carlos Gomez....who homered in the season opener during his first at-bat (just like 2010, how's that for a jinx?). The last 2 games he's chased balls and swung the bat wildly, which lead to him NOT reaching base in the last 2 games of the series. Looks like Carlos of the past. Nyjer Morgan is no god send either. But perhaps Roenicke should have a shortened leash on Carlos in hopes that Morgan can apply pressure for him to play well. There's no other alternative until Hart comes back, and then Kotsay can fill in (stomach grumbling). Randy Wolf (0-1) lasted 4 innings. Yes that's right, Marcum and Wolf last 8 and 2/3 combined innings. How's that for a turn-around? My last spring training post I went on about the promising hope that Milwaukee's starting rotation will go deeper in to the games, perhaps 6 or 7 complete innings when Gallardo, Marcum, and Greinke are on the mound. I realize it's earlier and stupid ass pitch counts need to be kept in check (which is complete bullshit). But 4 innings is unacceptable. Utter bullshit. Randy gave up 6 earned runs on 10 hits. Even worse, was the bullpen. Kintzler, Stetter, and Green each gave up an earned run. Brandon's was most gut wrenching because Milwaukee was 4 runs down. Making matters even worse was the the 5 relievers who took to the mound in Saturday's game only collected 1 strike out, TOTAL. That was Kintzler. The other 4 pitchers couldn't even whiff a batter. On a small good note, Kameron Loe & John Axford didn't give up any runs. This leads me to my rant.... My brother, father, and myself just got done moving a huge dining room hutch in to my home on Sunday (found it at a garage sale; this think is prestine!) when we decided to get some eats at Culvers in Merrill. How hard is it for eateries and pubs in the state of Wisconsin to have the Brewers game on the tv. It should be a gimmie that all establishments have the game on. I shouldn't have to ask for it. And then when I ask an employee, look at me like I'm a toothless crack whore. Is that really to much for me to as?

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