Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Yes the Brewers play tonight...NO they are not on TV. You get to watch the Bucks play instead, if you live outside the Milwaukee metro. The make-up game will be a double-header on August 22nd. Great, nothing like tacking that on just before the home stretch that is September. Zack Greinke threw a simulated game yesterday, albeit indoors, and he impressed Roenicke so much that he's now on path to debut in 2 weeks (end of April). That's about on-par with what they have been saying in the first week of the season. Over the past week or so Melvin was giving the return time some cushion by having Ash and even Roencike say that debut in the first week of May was more likely. Meanwhile, Mannuel Parra was roughed up in the 2nd inning of his Nashville start. He was spotless in the 1st but then allowed 3 earned runs in the following inning. Don't rush back...

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