Thursday, April 14, 2011

6-5: Hot Streak Continues

What a game last night. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous when I looked at the box score and noticed that the Crew had not yet collected a hit by the middle of the 5th. But then the bats came alive; the offense was led by Prince Fielder and the oh-so confident Nyjer Morgan aka Tony Plush (more on that later). Prince blasted his 3rd HR of the season and recorded another RBI; that's a run batted in every game for the last 6 games. Contract year anyone? Nyjer Morgan continued to show Melvin & Roenicke that he can flat out rake. He hit almost went yard (ended up being a single) and he scored from 1B on a Bentancourt double. Carlos Gomez drove in a run on a sacrifice hit. Shaun Marcum was on-point last night. He recorded (yet another) his first shut out as a Brewer and held the Pirates offense to 4 hits and 1 walk in 7 innings of work (94 pitches). No signs of shoulder of tightness either! The bullpen continued their dominant play with 2 hitless innings between Braddock, Loe, and Stetter. While watching MLB's "Quick Pitch" this morning I noticed the White Soxs' horrific pen and their 6.70 ERA. That's horrible, but that's what Milwaukee was dealing with last season at this time (Trevor Time Anyone?). If you're not on Twitter, even if you hate it, I urge you to google "Tony Plush"+"Twitter" and read some of Nyjer Morgan's tweets. He refers to himself as "Tony Plush", his gentlemanly alter-ego that is well spoken and gives pointers on how to live above the rest. It's hilarious, but you can't help but appreciate his writting. The San Fran native is fond of Coach Roencike, addresses his chewing tobacco use, and the "relentless rain" during Tuesday's rain-out. "" The Pittsburgh rains are relentless. Plush wonders if the Pirates are employing a nefarious dark magick to prevent his triumphant return."" With Luis Cruz being picked up off of waivers by the NY Mets a few weeks ago, Milwaukee suddenly finds themselves short at Shortstop. To make matters worse, Edwin Maysonete just strained his hamstring 2 days ago while playing in Nashville. Lovely. There is literally NO PROSPECTS that play SS in the Milwaukee farm system. So we all know how Milwaukee is going to draft in (early) June's draft. The closest Brewer that Milwaukee has that can play SS is Yadiel Rivera, the 18 year-old Puerto Rican that was signed a few months back. But he's playing extend spring ball in AZ. You know damn well the Bentancourt is going to go down with an injury...sooner rather than later. Time to trade a catcher? My guess is that George Kottrarus will be the most likely to get traded if they can bring in a SS prospect. He could probably net more in return than Nieves, especially if you match him up with Manny Parra or Sergio Mitre, both of which are expendable if truly needed--Saito, Hawkins, Parra all coming back in the next couple of weeks--. Milwaukee will make a trade by the end of next week. Cubs signed Doug get ready to sit through 3.5 hour games when he starts. Jeff Suppan signed a minor league deal with Ned Yost a week ago. Hurray.

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