Friday, May 29, 2009

Big Series

The Milwaukee Brewers will take on the Cincinatti Reds this weekend in what will probably end up being a series win for the Crew, if not a sweep.

The bats are angry, the Reds are hurting (as are the Brewers), and Yovanni Gallardo is destined for a win, and Braun-Fielder need to get going on their homerun quests.
Mark DiFilice is the starting barber for the Milwaukee Brewers. Apparently Kenny Macha gets his haircuts from this man.

Right now, today, on May 29th, most of Wisconsin is crossing their fingers for Doug Melvin to trade for Jake Peavy. If this did happen, the level of risk that the Milwaukee Brewers would face is comparable to last decade when they build Miller Park and their revenue sunk. Attanasio and Melvin are far too intelligent to risk this much on one player. Or are they? Regardless, the story in the Trevor Hoffman story in the NY Times even mentions that Peavy probably won't be wearing a Brewer uniform any time soon.

The more and more I think about this, the more I'm turned off by it. Yes, he's a great pitcher who could probably have as big of an affect on the Crew as CC Sabathia...but he would cost entirely way too much (prospects). Milwaukee would have to dish out Gamel, Escobar, Salome, or Jeffress. The Brewers can't afford to give up any of these players. I will take a season of not-making the playoffs in order to shore up these rising stars.

-Apparently the Pfister Hotel, downtown Milwaukee, is haunted. This hotel is over 100 years-old and it's truly amazing inside. I once applied for a job at their lounge/bar (didn't get it). Players like Mike Cameron and other Brewer teammates who played against Milwaukee prior to coming on-board all have had experiences. It's time to call in Grant & Jason of TAPS. Apparently the Florida Marlins are most freaked out about the hotel. Perhaps this provides another home field advantage?
-The Brewers will start Braden Looper (4-3) against RHP Jonny Cueto (4-2) tonight. HERE is the match-up.

-The Toronto Bluejays have now lost 9 straight. Sinking fast.
-Atlanta has lost 4 straight.

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